Week in Pictures

It definitely became Autumn-in-a-Hurry around these parts! I swear we just took the little A/C out of our bedroom window a few weeks ago and now it’s 48 degrees out and I’ve got almost all of our winter clothes up from the basement and looking for a new warm hat! On the bright side, that naturally means it’s time to make lots of warm foods, including this morning’s German Pancake, yay! I’ve been making these since I was a kid – I’ve always liked egg recipes and one of the first things I made was a quiche, believe it or not! With our 4 girls out back providing 3-4 eggs a day, it’s definitely come in handy to have this skill!

I finally got to see Wonder Woman!!! While I had to watch it on TV at home via Amazon Prime, it was one of the biggest heartbreaks for me not to be able to see it at the theater when it first came out. My sistas in your 40’s know what it’s like to be part of the Lynda Carter generation of Wonder Woman kid fans – from wearing my WW swimsuit obsessively to the Underoos I got for Christmas (not pictured) to multiple years wearing the godawful plastic tarp of a WW costume I think we got at GI Joe’s, to the navy and white party dress I got that reminded me of WW because I could “twirl like her”, it was a real obsession. 1978-1979 were definitely all about Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. And I am so stoked to read that LC will be doing a cameo in the sequel! This first WW movie was pretty good – not great, but good – and the early part with Robin Wright was awesome!! Cinematography and costumes were especially great, and Gal Gadot did a great job honoring WW and showing strength, heart and overall baddassery.



On a happy note, with yesterday’s crazy on and off rain/sun/rain/sun/rain/sun combo, we got this sweet rainbow out of the deal on a late afternoon walk. I saw a huger version when driving earlier but it would have involved stopping traffic, getting out of the car and pulling out my phone, so that was a no.


And can I get an “Oh hell yeah!”? We found out the PDX Meat Collective, where Dan took his first butchery and charcuterie class that sent him truly down the rabbithole and into his current work as a Meat Cutter, is hosting Camp Charcuterie 2017, featuring the rockstars of the art of charcuterie and sustainable butchery, Kate Hill and Dominique Chapolard. They are doing a morning demo which we are both going to (I’m too jealous to just hear stories!) and then Dan will stay for a hands-on class in the afternoon (still jealous, but we have budget constraints!). You know how if you want to learn to be a chef you go to Paris? Well if you want to learn seed-to-sausage style charcuterie, you go to Kitchen at Camont in the Gascony region of Southwest France and spend weeks learning with these two legends. Considering that’s a bit out of our budget, this day o’ meat will be just fine thank you!




The area where the baby changing tray lay dusty has now been turned into a propagation area for cuttings of the many plants we can’t bear to leave behind – two kinds of lavender, sage, hydrangea, rosemary, fuschia and more, along with my husband’s many beloved orchids. Outdoors, we’ve transplanted our pomegranate, manzanita, and provence lavender into pots along with cutting back and transplanting our marionberry and boysenberry bushes, and in a few weeks the blueberries will come out and go into pots as well (amen for giant nursery pot donations from a neighbor via Nextdoor). Roses will come too when it gets frosty! Now, we just have to find a plot of land that is big enough to build on and have a bit of peace and quiet, AND is in cell phone range (the magic combo).







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