Amen, Bill! I was looking for a non-hospital-based primary care doc not long ago and found one near my home that was recommended. Then I found out they charge you a $100-150 “membership fee” per year (not something insurance covers) just for the privilege of seeing their staff – even though we all have copays and deductibles and shit already to pay for. While I could afford the fee, the principle of it all was bullshit, and I can’t support soulless vampire bastards profiting off this kind of thing – especially considering the average Nurse Practitioner pay is $102K and PCP is $195K (data from

Hey y’all, holy cow it’s almost October. Hot damn time flies lately… Anyhoo, here are 5 things to think about this week that don’t involve that dipshit #45, and a singalong at the end for my readers (from back in the day of super classy music videos, hahaha)…

  • I learned there are some serious meditation snobs out there who claim you can only meditate in a seated position. Even in looking at some websites on meditation retreats – something I’ve always been interested in – there were some seriously judgmental “teachers” out there whining about students who preferred to lie down and people agreeing, telling them not to let those particular individuals into their meditations. What hypocrisy! Anyhow, I knew with my back issues that this “requirement” was bullshit since I’ve found such great comfort in my Mindfulness Meditation App while on my back and feet up on a pillow as part of my recovery, so I decided to look it up and found this article on Meditation Beautiful about how to make it happen. Yay for acceptance!
  • Beyond donating them to Goodwill, here are 17 things you can do with old bedsheets – love this kind of stuff!!! We’ve already used one of ours to put on top of the dog’s bed so that we can wash the sheet instead of her whole bed, and tossed another old one in the trunk of the car for beach/picnic trips. Woo hoo!
  • Gotta love a good interactive article, and I am digging this New York Times Can You Pick The Bees Out Of This Insect Lineup? Too cool for school, y’all.
  • I don’t think you can look at the misogyny that’s been evident in this election cycle, and what any female commentator or essayist or public speaker endured on the internet or any social media setting, and not realise that pornography has changed the demeanour of men. Just the way that women are addressed for their intellectual output, the aggression that’s delivered to women I think is informed by 50 years of the culturalisation of the pornographic.” That says it so, so well. Get more food for thought from Simon’s article in The Guardian here. Erotica is one thing, pornography is something very, very different. It has normalized itself so much in society that normal magazine covers of women are usually those without pants on, usually with CFM looks on their faces and unreasonable airbrushing (i.e., most women’s thighs touch, y’all..and who cares!). And the connections between porn and how it fuels sex trafficking. Oops, that made me think of #45 who actually appeared in multiple soft-core porn videos. Still supporting that piece of shit while complaining about a divided country? GFY.
  • And finally, this pilot is my new hero. ’nuff said.



2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Meditation is amazing! I also do it laying down, sitting, standing etc there are even walking meditations. It is however you feel comfortable. Snobs can go get stuffed!!


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