Hallelujah Tomatoes!

As we finish off this kick ass tomato season in the garden (I’ve decided to attribute it to the poopy duck water from their tub that we used as occasional fertilizer), I decided I wanted to celebrate the remarkably strong season we had, enabling us (after inhaling multiple bowls of caprese, of course) with our 14 plants to preserve 10 quarts of marinara, 4 quarts of chopped tomatoes, 6 quarts of salsa, 3 pints of spicy ketchup, and a pint of oven-dried tomatoes in olive oil. The husband suggested a tomato galette, so I found this phenomenal Tomato Goat Cheese Galette recipe (thanks, Pinterest!), and used a combination of heirloom tomatoes picked from our garden (Japanese Black, Abu Rawan, and a few smaller leftover San Marzanos), combining it with goat cheese, homegrown onions caramelized beautifully, honey harvested from our beehive, homegrown thyme, organic pastry flour, and brushing the crust before baking with a small duck egg courtesy of Miss Betty out back! It was SO insanely good!

Recipe notes: I halved the goat cheese as we wanted the tomatoes to be the feature, and I definitely followed the directions about shredding then freezing the butter to mix in the dough (brilliant ! I’ve never heard of that technique but will now do that for every dough recipe from here on out, it made it SO much quicker and cleaner!). The tomatoes were so good in it that I decided to save the seeds from one of the Japanese Black heirlooms for next year…YUM.


10 thoughts on “Hallelujah Tomatoes!

  1. I LOVE tomatoes. Because of re-landscaping and some water tower trouble I only got 4 that really thrived but man they are doing well. Try shady lady if you can find it. Very hearty and prolific. Also Cherokee purple and golden globes are great producers. Because of space at our last house, I only grew tomatoes. My best year I got 150lbs out of two 4’x8′ beds. I really love tomatoes.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I grow about 75% Roma or related tomatoes because they are the best paste varieties (thicker/richer) and that’s why it’s been more of a challenge to grow large quantities compared to beefsteak or other styles (I pretty much stopped growing cherry and grape tomatoes because I get billions), as oblong-shaped tomatoes are more subject to blossom end rot. In fact this Japanese Black one that I mentioned is probably the first beefsteak-style tomato I’m saving but it’s definitely not one I would use for preserving.


      1. I usually have one grape or cherry because they are crazy. I tried several Roma varieties but found them very susceptible to disease and other issues. I usually have a ton of green toms that I ripen inside. I use those for sauce as the skin is tougher. We have a very short season in Denver. I stopped making sauce and just started chopping them and canning or freezing those. Less work, then I just use them as chopped or cook them down into a sauce if that’s what I need. I’m pretty lazy about it now and don’t bother getting deseeding or skinning them.


        1. Yeah I don’t take the skin off of mine either, but I realized after years of canning chopped tomatoes that I’d rather just have marinara for the most part which for me is easier to do in a vat of many gallons of it on the stove overnight so it gets super thick (so I still do try to get the seeds out), particularly since everything seems to get ripe right around the time it’s 100 degrees outside 🙂 Yeah I can imagine a short-season out there in Denver (btw I lived in the Five Points area 20ish years ago for a year while spending my time with my dad who lived in Morrison and working for the old Nordstrom credit offices on Arapahoe and Parker…it was considered pretty skeezy then but I’m guessing that it’s probably fairly nice now, as the house I rented was ridiculously old and huge and beautiful and back then insanely cheap!). I remember my dad used to have a little tiny greenhouse for roses so he could extend that season even longer.


        2. Ha. Yeah completely gentrified at this point, tons of that going on. We moved to the Denver Tech Center for more space. We were in Wash Park. Our lot is now 3.5 times the size. It is great for gardening and soon to be chickens!

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