Onward and upward!

So it’s coming up on the end of third quarter (thinking in business terms here) and with that, I’m starting to ponder our goals for 2018, and how we’re going to get there. Y’all have heard many of my frustrations, dreams, challenges faced, and now it’s time to slowly but surely put one foot in front of the other, seizing the day as I mentioned in my last post…so here is where we are aiming….

Painting an House
Buy land to build a house on in Astoria. We’ve got the HELOC approved and in the bank ready to pay cash for the one we find, Dan is making career connections out there, and we are planning another visit in October. We sold a few more items this week in our efforts to minimize, including an old drill press Dan never uses and a monstrous mirror that was a bit too dark and gloomy for even our decor, and Dan is focusing on propagating plants so we have stuff to take with us without completely taking everything out of the soil for whoever we sell to. Wheeee!!!
Fingers crossed, a birth mother will choose us and we will FINALLY become parents. Our baby’s room is literally dusty from never being used. Will it jinx us if we get more baby stuff, that’s my latest question I ask myself…? Some days I just try not to think about it – honestly, most days, as once you’ve been in this for so long it’s just too exhausting to keep a continual focus. But the other day we were reminded of what we want for our future when a neighbor came by with her two little ones to buy some stuff from us for her ADU, and both the 2 and 4 year old were SO excited to see the ducks, both of them introducing themselves to the ducks (literally, “hi Cocoa, I’m ____”) and trying to feed them. My heart just burst with love.
Finally receive my Health Studies Focus Award from PCC! I’ve been taking classes on and off since 2013, my favorites being in Women’s (shout out to Dr. Christiane Northrup!) and Environmental Health (a la Erin Brockovich) and this term am taking Men’s Health online. I’m not very good at sitting still in traditional classroom settings, so this will have to do. I don’t know if I’ll ever end up using it, but would like to ultimately at least volunteer in the field after living in a country my whole life that does not democratize healthcare. I want to give back in a new way. (Side note: ironically, I won’t be taking the Children’s Health class after this experience). Winter Term should wrap up my coursework to get the award which, while it doesn’t signify much to anyone but me, would be kinda rad.
And – oh yes – I will be getting back on a horse in 2018. Not sure how that will work or where that will be, but it will happen. To be continued…

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