Is there anything that makes me happier than seeing this girl happy on the beach? Not many, that’s for sure.

Fall is coming! Air conditioner has been taken out of our bedroom window! It’s cool in the morning! By next week I’ll be able to wear sweats in the morning instead of “as little as possible” when I go out to let the ducks free range! We can use the stove for long periods of time while not sweating like crazy! Woo hoo!

So yeah, needless to say I’m looking forward to the changing of the seasons, and as many will agree, autumn is the BEST! Flowers are still in the garden, from the hollyhocks to the roses to the asters, and some are still about to get started – namely, my pineapple sage which the hummingbirds and I both adore (and, for some reason, the ducks have TOTALLY left alone, yay!).

With that, here’s what I’m seeing and sharing with y’all this week…

  • It has a very Banksy feel to it, and I love it: check out this giant toddler portrait over a border wall. Maybe it won’t do any good in the grand scheme of things, but I love it when artists create visuals to say in no uncertain terms that we need to remember we are all human beings and must be treated as such, no matter where we come from.
  • Way too many people have asked over the years why I didn’t come to Australia instead of Dan coming here to the states. Well, besides the fact that I run a successful recruiting and coaching business, it’s the fact that here we have a home of our own, and with that, a back yard. This article on the vanishing Australian backyard reminds me of the tiny spaces – if any – so many in the Melbourne area had to escape from the world. My husband, before we were married, had a tiny back porch he kept his potted plants on, and others we knew who had yards had miniscule spaces, often cemented over. With our own neighborhood here in Portland getting more and more cramped, we are eager to see if Spring will bring us the property we have been aching for in Northwest Oregon.
  • Now this is a proper plastic bag ban! While we in Portland have a ban at grocery stores, it’s not inclusive of produce bags nor any other type of retailer. We can do better. We must.
  • There are few poems that really cut to the chase of the pain of pregnancy loss, at least what I’ve seen, but this one was spot on, reminding me of “when my body was a walking casket”, when our baby “lived within and not without me”. Still just focusing on breathing in and out each day.
  • Great article calling out the myths and ignorance surrounding Sacagawea. I’ve said it before and will say it again, the history taught in most US schools, not just on this, are so fucking skewed, it really makes me distrust the entire educational system.
  • Did you know if you’re eating sea salt, there’s a good chance you are ingesting plastic? Ugh.
  • And just for a giggle, I found out what one site considered the worst decor trend during the year I was born. Click on it and find your year 🙂

I’m feeling a bit on the “get inspired” side of things musically, so with that, I’ll leave you with this Vanessa Williams / Me’Shell Ndegeocello song that I have always loved…

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