Week in Pictures

Heaven = homemade bacon + fresh duck eggs + homegrown tomatoes + homemade ciabatta.

Greatest hits from our Long Beach escapades…from the gorgeous fog on the bridge to Astoria to the only good sunset shot (from behind the dunes to avoid the cars on the beach) to Dan’s first time in an American arcade (and – clearly – licorice ice cream!) to some snuggle time with Ruby…ultimately he and I? Stronger than ever.

Our best time on the beach? Early morning in the fog, trying out the kite I got for Dan and Ruby exploring. (The other two shots are when we first arrived, just before being overwhelmed by several pickup trucks racing down the sand doing cookies) The beach on the peninsula is okay but I gotta say, Oregon has the most gorgeous beaches, hands down over Washington!

Taking a friend’s suggestion, I’m trying my hand at pickling duck eggs! These ones are a Turkish pickled egg recipe with saffron, bay, onion, cumin and cinnamon. They’ll be soaking up the goodness for several weeks so hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!



And yes, after almost a year (just before my herniated disc injury I’d gotten my hair cut and actually was planning to color it a few days after my unexpected ER visit, which obviously was canceled), I finally got my hair cut. Originally planning a simple trim with a new stylist – since my last two, just since our infertility diagnosis, have gotten pregnant and gone on maternity leave just at the time I’m brave enough to get back out there – I went in and under the magical powers of hairdressing, I told her about my year since my last cut (the 5 minute version) and my luck with hairdressers and she immediately said with a laugh “well just so you know I’m not pregnant, and I don’t even have a man!” and we both started laughing like crazy. I like this gal, and with that, I said “cut it off” and, there ya go. I finally snapped this selfie today as a friend wanted to see it, so here ya go, folks. A bit messy in the shot but that’s really me in real life – I told the stylist that I don’t own a hairdryer or any product, so don’t do anything, so that anything she cut better be wash ‘n’ wear. Now? No hairbrush needed, just a fluff of the towel and my hair is wavy once again, wheeeee!
Our asters are in bloom – bees are relieved!

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