Week in Pictures

She loves being my husband’s footrest, silly girl. Amen for shady decks after a hot summer night 🙂
Husband claimed his one eclipse photo taken with the glasses over the phone didn’t turn out but I think it’s okay! (for a cell phone!)
As far as I’m concerned, the caprese salad is THE best part of summer!! A variety of fresh tomatoes from the garden (including my new favorite, the orange banana heirloom tomato which is basically like a Roma, only yellow), fresh basil from our garden, organic bocconcini mozzarella from my husband’s store, and a splash of olive oil and balsamic. HEAVENLY.
And oh happy day! After 3.5 years of Dan living in the US, we have our first Australian visitors coming to town!! Friends E & W have a conference in NYC so they are going to come spend a week here in the Rose City starting this weekend – and with perfect timing as Dan’s 50th birthday is Monday! It will be both awesome and a bit surreal for my husband, as it’s been forever since we’ve seen them (this photo was taken on his very last day in St Kilda in May ’14). Mum C, you are next!!
Ooh la la, a piece of Murano glass for my husband’s 50th birthday! He got his sausage grinder already and as a small gift I found this piece on Etsy for him. When he moved here from Australia, he sold all of his Murano and uranium glass pieces that he loved so much (along with just about everything else beyond clothing and books), so I wanted to get him a piece to start a new collection. He was totally surprised and loved it – yay! Now just a birthday getaway at the coast and he’ll be The Big 5-0!

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