Inspiration to keep going – RIP Dick Gregory

“I chose to be an agitator,” he said. “The next time you put your underwear in the washing machine, take the agitator out, and all you’re going to end up with are some dirty, wet drawers!”
~ Dick Gregory (from this CBS interview)

Thank you, Mr Gregory, for your courage, your strength, your tireless advocacy, your humor, your wisdom, and your tell-it-like-it-is, no-holds-barred personality that is an inspiration to us all.

He may be gone, but we all need to keep going, keep resisting, keep calling out the shameful behavior and keep taking REAL action (not just bitching on social media). Support women and minority owned businesses. Call and/or email your congresspeople. Treat others as you would be treated. Reach out – don’t wait for things to happen. Be the change you’d like to see in this world.

In an interview last year with Roland Martin, Martin asked Dick Gregory “what Americans should do in the next four years under a Trump presidency, prompting the activist to issue a stark warning about getting out there (and how narrow the margin of victory it was for Hitler): You don’t have to do nothing … this country is not going to make four years, it’s over.”

Here are a few other things he said over the years

PS – For those who think it’s “history” to keep Confederate flags and statues everywhere and that it’s “Southern Pride”? If you were living in Germany, do you think it’d be OK to have then leave up swastikas and statues of Hitler everywhere “lest we forget”? Fuck no.  Fuck NO. If you’re proud of the multi-century history of slavery and racism which was the reason for the success of the Confederacy? Shame on you – you need help. Find a new source of pride that was not built upon the degradation of others.


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