What I love about August? Harvesting gets real and we struggle to find space for everything. Right now? Rhubarb, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, tomoatoes, peppers, tomatillos, and more!

OK folks, so tomorrow is Monday the 21st and know what that means?

It means I will no longer see half of the nightly newscast being spent on where to get eclipse glasses, how many spent 15 hours in traffic to get to the Armpit of Oregon to watch what they can see right here in town. Sorry y’all but 99.2% of the eclipse is sufficient for me to walk into my backyard for a couple minutes. But hey, that’s me.

Anyhoo. Here’s the latest bunch of things I’ve seen and want to share…

  • For tomorrow these two articles are top notch: reminding people not to be a fucking slob, and watch what your plants do when the sky goes dark in the middle of the day. Bam.
  • I’ve already brought it up before how PBS has proven that BMI is *not* a legitimate indicator of obesity and/or health. And now, CNN also calls BS on the myth of BMI. Not only does this bogus measurement not differentiate between muscle and fat, BMI further mislabels 54 MILLION Americans as “overweight” or “obese”. Here’s the thing: some folks don’t realize how this centuries-old, government-mathematician-created formula (for use in population studies) discriminates. Some schools are reporting BMI on children’s report cards, many employers discriminate based on this number (ex: a recent lawsuit where a 6’5″ truck driver – whose doctor said he was in great health – was suspended from his job based on his BMI, which they stated meant he was obese and therefore could mean he might have sleep apnea which may increase tiredness behind the wheel), and doctors do it ALL THE TIME. The Guardian reported last year about doctors refusing to operate on those with BMI over 30, and women getting paid less based on BMI and/or size. But my infertile gals, you know where I am going with this, and that’s IVF. I was dumbfounded when I joined “the club” to learn about how many doctors discriminate against women solely based on BMI, refusing to help them in their quest to become mothers until they lose weight that gets them into this bullshit range. I remember before my first IUI my then-doctor wrote “OBESE” at the top of my file, never talking to me about any concerns, just basing my health on a 15 minute appointment. The irony? I was <30 then – not even the calculation for ‘obese’ – but she made it clear on my chart that I should feel bad about myself even though I cycled, did yoga, hiked and more regularly and was in excellent health. Also? It wasn’t until going through the heartbreak of 8 treatments (2 IUI + 6 DEIVF) that I gained weight. IVF stole my health…not the other way around.
  • Betsy DeVos met with men’s rights groups about campus rape. This unqualified cunt heads up the Department of Education. What the living fuck is it with women who hate other women? By the way, as a former federal government recruiter who saw first hand the shithole of complexity that is the points-based hiring process, why the fuck does the President get to hire anyone he wants for jobs regardless of qualifications?
  • Marie Claire beautifully addressed the hypocrisy of how the Obama children were held to a different standard – as ACTUAL children – than the bullshit way the Trump GROWN children have been excused for their messed up, complicit behaviors. They go on to say, brilliantly, “It’s the entire Obama family who deserves an apology. Here was a family free from controversy—a family with small children, at the time—who was attacked incessantly. A family who never struck back, a family who rose above and put the country first. They brought grace and seriousness to the White House (remember that?), and were repaid with years of hatred and racism. From the people, including Trump, who pushed false racist birther claims about President Obama to all those who made racist “jokes” over the years of his tenure to Fox News mocking him as somehow un-American for using Dijon mustard—year after year of petty slight and ad hominem attacks and still President Obama simply woke up and did his job. (Can you imagine our current crybaby-in-chief brushing off personal attacks the way his predecessor did?).

  • To end on a happy note, our not-perfect-but-still-pretty-kickass Governor Kate Brown “signed into law a bill expanding coverage on abortions and other reproductive services to thousands of Oregonians, regardless of income, citizenship status or gender identity.” The Reproductive Health Equity Act will keep women in our state protected no matter what those women-hating fucktards in DC do – those ones who try to say “less government” – except when it comes to treating women as public property. Thank you, Governor Brown.

5 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Your BMI point is quite timely – I’d meant to write a blog post about it but forgot. An American professor who’s studied obesity and conception was recently visiting NZ and was interviewed on the radio here. He said that while losing weight can help with pregnancy, the gains for TTC don’t always outweigh the impact of aging while taking time to lose weight. His studies also showed that the stress put in the body physically & mentally by losing weight can actually be detrimental to TTC, and those who went through weight loss surgery & got pregnant, had higher risk pregnancies and births than those who didn’t & therefore were still obese! In NZ we get 2 publically funded cycles…..provided you are under a certain BMI (sync other criteria)! This professor questioned where they came up with the cut off point, as it’s so arbitrary! That’s a bit of a headfuck for all of us given the advice to lose weight! And then as you say, there’s all the discrimination…..all the stories I’ve heard here are the women gets told to lose weight, and they don’t care about the males weight….sigh.


    1. Totally. I think that’s why people were so happy during the eclipse today (I know it definitely lightened my own mood for a short time), we finally didn’t have to think about anything beyond how our beautiful Earth, Sun and Moon were in this amazing alignment.

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