Week in Pictures


Definitely a low key week for me work-wise, as things are going at a very slow pace compared to first half, and while there are always times of the year like this, it’s definitely always been a challenge for me to “just chill”. But hey, it enabled us to have some friends over for breakfast, to get the house cleaned up, do some reading, and enjoy these lovely flowers from the garden (husband definitely has the floral arranging gene that I did not get!).

Since my eye doctor gave me the go ahead to travel, we’ve booked my husband’s 50th birthday, with his special day being a few lazy days on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, where – even as a native Northwesterner – I have never been! I booked us at the Inn at Discovery Coast which looks very nice, don’tcha think? We have a couple we adore from Australia visiting during that time (our first visitors since Dan immigrated here 3.5 years ago!), so we’ll get some time with them as well which will be so nice. I have other surprises for my sweetheart, can’t wait!

The garden is fairly happy (when the Webfooted Gang of Four aren’t terrorizing it, that is), with these heirloom tomatoes being the first to turn red. Cucumbers are just starting to go nuts, and have already made two new recipes for pickles (tarragon/honey sliced and curry spears) so am going to get some yogurt at the store to make a cucumber basil smoothie (better than you might think and perfect for today’s 100 degree forecast and 6 days of hell to follow), and since I’ve already made a bunch of jam, am going to try a blackberry salsa recipe I found online with this morning’s harvest. And, oh yes, tomatillos, mmm mmm! Salsa verde on the horizon for those – definitely need to double up on salsas as we ran out in early spring this year!

Our gals are playing hide and seek in the echnacea/russian sage/pineapple sage/calendula – they are nice and tall so they can’t eat them to shreds and give them shade to nap in mid-mornings. The funniest part is they don’t think I can see them back there, even though Betty (pictured) is black πŸ™‚

And oh yeah – screw you, August! Guess we’ll be waiting til mid-month to go pick and can peaches!




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