Our first egg from the duck coop! Not sure who did it but I’m guessing Cocoa as it’s smaller, but who knows. I researched egg colors and three of them will be making white-to-tan eggs, and Betty (our Cayuga) will actually be making eggs that start out black then go to gray over the season, believe it or not. Obviously we didn’t eat this one, but the next day we got another in much better shape with a nice hard shell, and split that – talk about YUM! Duck eggs are so much richer than chicken eggs. Can’t wait for the other gals to get producing – especially as they’ve been little shits all week getting into the tomato and cucumber beds (not just pecking at them from the ground, but jumping the 2′ into them and under the trellises holding them up…argh…!)!

Last week of July, whoa! Next week, right on schedule, the reason I hate August will be here. 102 degree forecast for Wednesday. Fuckity fuck fuck.  I detest the heat and with just the bedroom A/C it’s not going to be great. So because of that, this is a special Grumpy Edition of Eco-licious…with a nice happy musical treat at the end !

  • Why Cancer is Not a War, Fight or Battle – I LOVED this post that came out after the announcement of McCain’s cancer. Not simply because of what it said, but because this could be absolutely about infertility as well. To translate a few of the quotes from the article:
    • BEFORE: “If the chemotherapy and radiation and surgery and drugs don’t work, and I die, will people be disappointed in me for not “fighting” hard enough?” AFTER: “If IVF doesn’t work and I am never able to have children, will people blame me for “giving up”.
    • BEFORE: “I am no warrior. I just showed up to my medical appointments, did what I was told, and lived as best I could. Now, I try to avoid saying things to other cancer patients that imply I expect a certain outcome for them, or that I expect them to feel or behave in a particular way. “Try to think positive!” isn’t always reasonable or possible, and I don’t want to make a fellow patient feel bad by commanding them to feel one thing or another.” AFTER: “I am no warrior. I just did my estrogen and PIO injections and showed up for my ultrasounds and embryo transfer, and hoped for the best. I refuse to tell those going through treatment that “it’ll work!” or “don’t ever stop trying!” as it’s not always reasonable or possible, and I don’t want to tell another infertile person how they should feel or what they should do. Along with the fact that it DOESN’T always work (in fact, 3/4 of IVFs fail).
    • BEFORE: “I grew up hearing cancer described as combat, something you “beat” if you’ve got enough “fight” in you.” AFTER: “I was always told I had to do everything I could to “fight” my infertility and that if I took these drugs, did that acupuncture, got that massage, took those supplements, got my thyroid in order, used an egg donor, that I could ‘beat infertility’. As if I alone had the power to force 9 embryos over 2 years to implant in my uterus. I read the articles saying that it was ‘simply’ a numbers game and that eventually women get pregnant. Even my RE told me the urban legend about the woman who did 24 rounds of IVF before getting her “miracle baby”. Everything I read told me it would be my fault if I stopped because it’d mean I didn’t want it bad enough.” Fuck that shit.
  • England is showing some awesomeness in cracking down on gender stereotyping in advertising. So, so many businesses need to take note of this y’all. It’s nice to see a small step in the right direction.
  • And back to the whole baby making thing, it’s now reported that the sperm counts of men are half of what they were 50 years ago. Just like endocrine disruptors can fuck up female fertility, they can mess with men as well, as has climate change and other external factors.
  • Speaking of the environment, not surprisingly, not a damn thing is happening to address air pollution in Texas. Along with creating loopholes for air polluters to avoid following the law, “the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives voted on Tuesday for an eight-year delay in the implementation of ozone pollution standards issued by the EPA during the Obama administration. The bill, which now goes to the Senate, was sponsored by a Republican from Texas.” Repulsive. But don’t just sit there… CALL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON!
  • Americans – did you know that the US actually has the HIGHEST maternal mortality rate in the developed world? Did you know that 700-900 women DIED in childbirth-related deaths but for the most part, we can’t find out why? Check out ProPublica’s story on Lost Mothers. And all of the stories related in here are on hospital births…
  • Finally, you gotta check out This Week In Patriarchy, from The Guardian, my main news source these days. To my UK friends? I’ll take Theresa May any day over the week over this Bullshit Explosion that the past 7 months have been here in the States.

So with that, as promised, the super fun band I saw back in ’89 at the long gone Pine Street Theater…they don’t make ’em like this anymore, my friends…


5 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I agree with your comments about IVF. I knew people meant well but it really sucks to have people spout off clichés whenever you’re going through something that is life altering/changing. I try to be honest about my experiences and let them know I was lucky. That’s it, pure random luck. I’m grateful I was even in a position to try IVF.


  2. Yes! “Everything I read told me it would be my fault if I stopped because it’d mean I didn’t want it bad enough.” Fuck that shit.” I’m tired of feeling like I haven’t done enough or I’m giving up. I know I have and I’m not giving up. I’m accepting of reality. And yeah on duck eggs!

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  3. It’s amazing how many of those statements about cancer patients can be turned around to perfectly describe infertility. I dislike the phrase “beat infertility” too. Like you mentioned in a previous post in many ways IVF is like a lotto. What works for one couple might not work for another and there are no guarantees. I have no idea what makes some embryos implant and others not. In saw that sperm article too in the news, very scary! So many more couples are going to be dealing with infertility in the future which sucks.


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