Green bean harvest – 6″ French beans that the ducks didn’t already get to, chopped and froze ’em up for winter. I’m not a huge green bean fan and they were crowding out the cukes which I care about more, so this is what I left it to. Crazy to some, I know!

July is progressing nicely at least in the weather department – no heat wave that’s made me cover the tomatoes or peppers, and a big bowl of marionberries and blackberries (thornless on the latter – very, very cool I gotta say)? Gotta stretch sometimes to find the positives, but they’re there…

  • Husband is still harvesting honey (16 lbs so far!!), and now we have a bit of beeswax, so the rookie in me found this site with beeswax recipes. Beekeepers, what are your favorite things to do with beeswax?
  • “The sad reality is that 7.3 million American women and their partners have infertility issues. About 5 percent of the couples turn to IVF, but most IVF treatments do not end in a birth. About 27 percent of those seeking IVF give birth. And as a woman’s age increases, the chances of success are lowered.” (source)I’ve been a big fan of the brilliant Aisha Tyler, since way back in the days of Talk Soup, and when I heard yesterday that she’s leaving The Talk, it reminded me of her struggles with infertility, because as far as I know, she’s the only major celebrity to admit to multiple rounds of IVF before calling it quits – and NOT going for surrogacy or adoption (see link above for the article on her story). When you’re in blogland or watching specials on IVF, you don’t often see reality, only the celebrations or the pushing of women to “not give up”. I thought the documentary Vegas Baby, for example, was extraordinarily one-sided, as it was not only a glorified ad for Sher Fertility, but never showed anyone doing donor egg IVF nor a couple deciding to end IVF – two of the three get their dream and the other one continues on with cycle 7 or 8 at another clinic. I am SO grateful to the small group women I’ve connected with here in blogland who have continued to talk about their experiences post-IVF. In life, there are no guarantees, and the world (not to mention its doctors) tends to inaccurately portray IUI and IVF as the “cure” rather than a lottery ticket. Guess those touting they have the cure wouldn’t make as much money if they realized that acupuncture wasn’t going to guarantee implantation or that supplements from the natural foods store actually didn’t improve quality of eggs you already have (or are lacking). I could go on, but the point is, I’m so appreciative of the women who have stood up and said “you know what, I tried and it didn’t work, and I’m one of the 75% who saw IVF fail them.” Thank you, Aisha.
  • On a totally different note, our tomatillos are growing like crazy off just two plants (almost 4′ tall and covered in “lanterns” as I refer to them, so this growing guide to tomatillos is a great overview to how to care for them and keep them under control.
  • And while fall is still a couple months away, I have definitely tucked away this chai spiced apple pie recipe!
  • 3 Tensions Hiding in Your Body is a great reminder for me in this life that has handed over a boatload of stressors lately. I recommend checking this stuff out – nothing like a good round of breathing to keep you moving forward each day…or at least keep from falling backwards.

That’s all for this week folks…



8 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. That is an amazing amount of honey!!! I never got to do anything with my bees wax last year. Ade dog climbed a shelf to eat it – guess it was that good. I agree – I appreciate those post IVF that keep blogging even if IVF didn’t work and they have walked from treatments. I need all the stories, helps remind me that no matter what path I end up on, it really will be okay.


        1. Yeah actually when he was still back in Australia he was asking me to find shoe polish that was made with beeswax and it’s actually very rare in normal stores. I swear he was born in the Victorian era sometimes 🙂


  2. I feel the same about green beans. I grow them and then put them in the freezer until the freezer is full and then wish they’d stop growing so I could stop worrying about harvesting and eating them! Jealous of the honey!

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