My girl looking up at me as she lays at the end of our bed on the floor.  Whenever I’m feeling crappy she does this, it’s so sweet.

This week has been gorgeous weather – high 70’s, low 80s, perfect for the garden. I personally prefer low 70’s but as long as the house stays cool I’m happy. This year we’ve only run the window A/C in our room 3 or 4 times – yayyyyy!

As usual, lots on my mind…

  • 10 Awesome Ways to Preserve the WHOLE Peach?  Count me in! Last summer was so exhausting with IVF and the miscarriage that I was in no mood to pick peaches at Sauvie Island, so this year – hormone free – I’m back with a vengeance! BTW did you know you could candy the peel from peaches? I didn’t! Or that you can preserve them in honey? Me neither!

  • History reminder: Thomas Jefferson was a RAPIST. What he did to Sally Hemings was not an “affair” as so many books and movies like to say, as if he was some kind of fucking romantic. She was a slave, and even after Jefferson died she was not freed. He, like #45, was a rapist. (PS – did you know that both Presidents Ronald Reagan and Grover Cleveland have raped as well?) I sure as fuck don’t put rapists on a pedestal, and get super sick and tired of the Constitution being as blindly followed as the Bible when it was created to give rights to white, property-owning men (and slaves? only considered three-fifths human for taxation purposes). Hero worship gives me the heebie jeebies, not to mention the term Founding Fathers, which sounds creepily similar to Christianity’s patriarchal stance. “All men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence was NOT an umbrella term that included women or people of color or the poor (hence why I hate it when people pooh-pooh women like myself who protest the use of the word “man” to mean “everyone”). The history of slavery in this country is still being diminished – this Washington Post article goes on to report that the state of Texas, just two years ago, in 2015 printed social studies textbooks “that referred to enslaved Africans as “immigrants” and “workers” and minimized slavery’s impact on the Civil War.” What. The. Fuck. It’s also important to remember that, 241 years later, “women in Rwanda, Iceland, Vietnam and 131 other nations have constitutionally guaranteed equal rights, but American women do not.
  • So yeah, that pisses me off and I have to remind folks of our truth here in the US because our country has such a long history of minimizing trauma inflicted on its people. Speaking of shit going on, many have heard in the news about Paul Ryan’s bullshit dress code in DC and I never cease to be amazed at how many men are surprised that things like this happen. With the sexist dress codes for girls at grade school that are being called out over and over, is it really so amazing that it’s happening in our government as well? Shit, at the last corporate job I had, I had to deal with certain male engineers having the nerve to complain about what women were wearing to work because they were “distracting”, and we have heard about it all the time in workplace for years. I remember in college a girlfriend of mine worked at Victoria’s Secret where they didn’t allow women employees to wear pants to work. What the fuck. From school to the workplace, dress codes perpetuate rape culture and encourage shaming of women and girls for being, well, female. “By sexualizing their female students’ bodies, schools teach students that a woman who doesn’t dress conservatively enough is asking for attention, that it’s not boys’ fault if they give unwanted attention, and that a woman is defined by what she wears.”
  • Now after all that, here’s something really sweet that I just loved watching – truly a wonderful example of a person in a position of authority deflecting a potentially dangerous situation and showing true compassion. We need more of that in this world.
  • Switching gears completely, my husband and I have debated the idea of moving outside the city to a piece of property where we are aligned more with nature, get to enjoy the quiet, and take advantage of our home’s ridiculously incredible home value (let’s just say it’s worth twice what I paid for it 11 years ago) by selling it and using the proceeds to pay cash for a house. No mortgage? Complete ownership? One of my top three bucket list items, for sure. A piece of land? Another one in the top three. Homesteading After 40 – Midlife Crisis or Perfect Timing? is one article that gives some good perspective for the many of us city folk who think about chucking it all in and buying land. The thing about Dan and I, we don’t want to be farmers. We love what some real sustainable farmers/homesteaders – like the good folks at White Flint Farm in Virginia (Cherie I wore your apron while baking bread just the other day!) – are doing, but when our third top bucket list item involves traveling to as many places as possible on this planet? Gotta find a happy medium. I dated a farmer back in the day and he only vacationed in the winter, which was a reality check for me. Hmph. We’ll let you know where our contemplation leads…
  • By the way, what IF women ruled the world…?


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