Week in Pictures

The garden, oh my! I love the evolution of the season, and as we are fully into summer, we’ve got (clockwise from top left): tomatillo (this year I’m making my regular peach-serrano salsa AND, for the first time, a salsa verde, so I’m thrilled it’s flourishing!), fingerling potatoes, echinacea (I started out with 4 plants and husband has divided these multiple times since then so we have a ton), zucchini (finally, the first blossom!), cardoon (yeah, they are basically 6 foot artichokes, as tall as our back fence this year…has anyone cooked with these before? I really want to but hear it’s quite a process…), tomatoes (woo hoo!), and allium.

And things are happening inside the house as well. I dug out this old cobalt blue vase and filled it with white roses from our garden (off of just ONE plant, it’s been a shockingly great year for roses), I grew three kinds of basil from seed and am about to make some crazy good pesto, and we just picked enough boysenberries, marionberries and blackberries to make some turnovers. Oh HELL yeah.

So today was my 3 Week Post-Op appointment with my retina doctor, and all is looking GREAT. My vision is almost back to normal, minus a cloudy haze over everything in the right eye’s vision, the gas bubble has disappeared, and so far everything is still attached as it should be. RAD. Even better? As of tonight I get to sleep on just ONE pillow…on ANY side I want! It’s the little things, y’all. This means I can now start looking UP – literally. Makes hanging clothes on the line a little less looking like Ray Charles did it and helps with looking up to kiss my husband!! I haven’t been freed to drink alcohol yet, but honestly it doesn’t bother me. What I have been freed to do? TRAVEL!!!! While he’d said originally it’d be 2-3 months before I could fly or go over any major elevations (i.e., crossing mountain passes that lead to the beach or the desert), it appears I am free to go now! Not that I have anywhere to fly, but it does mean that we do get to have a nice beach getaway for Dan’s 50th birthday coming up, which I’m stoked about.

Then I came home and as Dan was doing a hive inspection in another section of the backyard, a pissed-off honey bee started furiously buzzing around my face (not in a curious way) and stung me just below my left eye. I was literally screaming in the backyard as it came towards me and under my glasses and as I swiped it away it got stuck in my hair. Very glad Dan was right there to run over and help get the stinger out… and very glad it wasn’t my recuperating eye! But damn, y’all, what is up with this stupid shit happening one thing after another?!

3 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Do you ship food to Australia, drooling over all that lovely pesto and salsa. Yay about the travel and booo about the bee sting 😦 hope it recovers quickly. Could be worse I guess, you could have been the bee!

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