Week in Pictures


Oh hell yeah! Our first honey harvest was on Thursday, where we harvested about 2 1/2 quarts of gorgeous, delectable raw honey from our Flow Hive. What a cool experience that was, and it was great to not interrupt the bees at ALL during the process. The harvesting is done in the back from frames that are completely full of honey (bees are busy plugging up the other ones), and as soon as we finished the harvest and locked the frame mechanism, they were in the newly emptied ones ready to get back to work! I put a piece of cheesecloth over the jars as they were filling (not shown) because within minutes a li’l honeybee flew over trying to get a taste and fell in and had to be rescued 🙂 Dan did a hive check before harvest as well and the brood box is full as can be, and as you can see the flow frames are filling up with honey in a hurry. We are SO stoked about this first harvest – not to mention how incredibly easy and bee-friendly it was! Flow Hives are more expensive, and this one was gifted, but when we add a second hive we already know we’ll save up for a Flow again. Next up – what do I want to make with our honey…hmmm….


It’s definitely “Year of the Rose” in our front garden! Best display of roses since I bought my house and started planting them 10+ years ago. I’ve added a few more but this year’s “nice” wet spring paid off in droves for the garden, with roses at the top.


The other flowers are pretty awesome though as well! Clockwise from top left: dahlia, Dan in the rose garden, our jasmines climbing up the deck trellis, red & white poppy, bee balm, and a TON of Shasta daisies!


This is summertime at our li’l urban homestead with our sweet old gal Ruby watching us from the deck 🙂

Oh yeah and my eyes. The good part? At today’s appointment I was released from wearing that godawful rigid plastic eye “patch” and allowed to walk 30 minutes a day. The gas bubble has shrunk to obstructing only about 20% of my vision which is great, and the doc says the scar is healing nicely. I have definitely gotten more comfortable with people putting drops in my eyes and checking the pressure with that godawful instrument – something that required valium in the past – which is a strange bonus out of all this. But no alcohol and no sex either…gee it feels just like the TWW! Fuckadoodledoo. But I’ll take what I can get, right? Hallelujah for a healing eye.


9 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. I’m so jealous of your beautiful garden! We just moved after 12 years in our last place. I’m starting all over again which is fun but annoying because I want everything to be huge and mature already! I am going to look into the flow hives those look awesome! How are the ducks?


    1. Yes I totally know what you mean… It’s funny because when I first bought my house 11 years ago I didn’t plan any fruit trees because I didn’t want to wait a couple of years for them to mature… Now imagine what I would have had I planted them then!

      The ducks are right now napping innocently under a tree after raising hell this morning trying to reach up in snack on the cucumber plants 🙂


      1. Have you had much trouble with the ducks eating everything? I want to get chickens and finally have a handle on the garden to do so. I hear they eat everything so I’m thinking I will need a run.


        1. I would definitely get a run for your chickens as the one thing they do that ducks don’t is scratch at the ground. The cucks are definitely little destroyers when it comes to new plants, and it’s not that they necessarily eat them, but that they take bites out of them and spit him out like little assholes. We let our ducks free range most of the day but do you have one of those mini fences protecting them from young plants and also from the entire side of the house that has hostas as they were decimating them. Once plants are a few feet tall and established they’re just fine… The nice thing is though if you have a really big run for your chickens you don’t have to let them free range as much, and they don’t need as much space as ducks do. We’ve basically figured out that in the springtime they only get to free range when I’m around to monitor them (since I work from home). 🙂

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        2. Yeah between the scratching and the dog I figured a run would be the best idea. We also live a few blocks away from a reservoir so fox and coyotes aren’t rare visitors to our neighborhood.


  2. I’m jealous of your flowers. I’m jealous of your flow hive. I’m also jealous of Ruby – she won the doggie lottery. I would love to come lounge in that garden and drink honey from the tap!
    Funny how small things in life we take for granted – like walks, sex, and booze. They seem like a lifelong given. Glad you at least get the walks back.


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