Week in Pictures

The garden continues to explode in awesomeness! From top left: Valerian (we divided it last year and it definitely sprung to life, taller than the fence!), Calendula (I love how weedy this flower gets – great to fill in spots in the garden), Hostas (We have tons of these but this one in particular was planted in honor of Dan’s father, who passed not long after we were married in 2014), Shasta Daisy (Love these tattered-edge petals!), Japanese Hydrangea (Just got this last year and it’s happily climbing this trellis that came from the sides of an old repurposed bookshelf we took apart), Red Yarrow (I like these so much more than yellow, and three plants close together made a great bouquet, don’t you think?), Clematis (we took apart a folding trellis and mounted them to the fence – boy do these flowers go nuts – tangled up together like crazy!), Geranium (when my husband told me he loved geraniums I looked at him like he had six heads, as it’s my most hated flower next to baby’s breath…then I learned from him that there are many kinds of geraniums beyond the crusty-old-lady red ones of my nightmares…whodathunk! Learning new things is rad.).

Our roses are loving this mild weather we’ve had this year – aphids have been pretty much eliminated, everything is blooming, and so I thought I’d show off our pink and red ones. Waiting for our yellow and orange ones to go crazy next!

And in the rest of the garden, life is pretty good as well, from our happily napping ducks under one of our rain barrels, to our first bowl of strawberries picked from our pots out front, to our smaller beds full of basil and parsley, to the joyful tomatoes and tomatillos growing at breakneck pace. Yay for growing our own food!

And here’s where we are on a few of the Adoption Wait Distraction Project items as I’m now referring to it…with my extremely amateur sewing skills (purely needle and thread, y’all…I wouldn’t know what to do with a sewing machine, they kinda scare me because I’m super ignorant of how to use ’em!), when my husband decided to retire his Skulls shirt because of a hole in the collar, I took inspiration from this blog post’s DIY tutorial, and made a onesie of sorts from his shirt. It’s actually going to be a baby gown instead as I’m positive that I won’t be able to cut leg holes correctly, heh – no seriously, when I first started out with this, I actually sewed up the neck and one armhole by accident – whoops! On the picture to the right you’ll see the pillowcase-and-pool-noodle co-sleeper that I referred to in a recent blog post, which is being stored right now in the “baby tray” as Dan calls it – the changing tray that he built last year to go atop the credenza in our dining room/office/baby room (the word “nursery” always confused me as I associate the word with plants) – along with the baby wrap that I made with the jersey sheet we got at Goodwill, tied up in the black & white ribbon. It might give us the toga and/or mummy look, so I’m thinking about researching natural dyes to color it or perhaps some DIY stamping with natural colors. I’m clueless about all that so another good distraction project, don’tcha think?


11 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. I’m rather jealous of your beautiful flowers. I’ve been trying since last fall to get flowers to grow around the fringes of our garden, and I have nothing to show for it. My most recent attempt was some little sprouts/starts I bought from work, and Mr b apparently dug them up when he went insane and tore down the fence so he could reduce the drainage ditch on the side of the road.πŸ˜•


      1. I took just about everything. I left a few climbing roses that had been there when I came. I didn’t think I had the right to uproot them. And I left a yellow jasmine that was so pretty intertwined with the gate I didn’t have the heart to yank it out. And I left a quince mainly because I forgot. Other than that we loaded up the trailer several times and hauled everything over. OH. And several hundred rocks that I used for landscaping. My husband was thrilled with that chore.

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  2. Your garden is looking fab! Jealous of all the colour you have going on! We are currently feeling pro active and laying out own decking! Half way through though we are wondering why we ever decided to go it alone!!!! How cute are you ducks though!?! Do they have a pond to swim in?

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