To My One and Only…

I’ll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears
And you can go swimming when you’re here
And I’ll be the rainbow after the tears are gone
Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm
That’s how strong my love is, darling
When we told my friend Claudia that we were getting married, she practically yelped “can I please sing at your wedding?!!!!” Being that she’s not only a friend but a kickass big band jazz singer, that was of course a no-brainer. While our wedding was a little bitty ceremony down at the Oregon coast, we invited a bigger group to join us down the street from our house for a dinner of comfort food and Miz Claudia kicked off the evening with another favorite of ours, Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love Is – so crazy beautiful and to have both Claudia and Shirley sing for us on our special day? Definitely a dream come true.
I’ve never known a love so strong and deep and overwhelmingly true like what I feel for Dan, and what he feels for me. As I always tell him, baby, you’re my soft place to fall.

9 thoughts on “To My One and Only…

  1. This made me tear up. This was our wedding song as well but somehow this perfectly captured moment makes me feel it is truly a song about the two of you. Happy Anniversary!


  2. I haven’t been following long, but have read some of the posts about your wedding and loved them – what a love you two have! I’ve often wondered about your story, how you met, how you decided he’d come here instead of you there, all that jazz. I don’t want to get all up in your business of course, but if you’ve already shared a post with your backstory can you point me to it? You two have an incredible love story.

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