Week in Pictues

Spring is later to come this year in Stumptown, but has definitely been worth the wait on the flower side of our garden! The alliums (one of my favorites) have decided to grow over 4′ tall, the huckleberry bushes are singing our praises with a HUGE number of blossoms on them for the first time (they pooped out the last 2 years because our springs were SO unseasonably HOT – this time last year we were closing in on 100 degrees, it was exhausting on the native plants!), and our decision to grow potatoes in pots was definitely a good one. Strawberries are JUST finally starting to blossom (a full month behind schedule), and after watching the ducks snack on several of our hostas plants, we relocated them to a safer shady area so they can flourish again 🙂

As far the rest goes, I’m still emotionally in Shit City. The thing about grief is that a couple weeks into it, you try to live your life and it will sneak up on you and sucker punch you when you least expect it. You’ll be at the grocery store and find yourself walking out with nothing because you can’t be in busy public places (especially with families crowding every square inch). You see the people on the news practically throwing Mother’s Day in your face and know that next Sunday you absolutely will not be going anywhere. And then there are the thousands of blogs out there vomiting religion all over the place, telling us that the answer is to pray and acting like adoption is a breeze or that God “called them to adopt” like they are fucking saviors. Screw those pious motherfuckers. And you think about domestic adoption and $500-$1,000 pricetags just to create the “profile books” to defend to someone who’s never met you why, after 2 IUIs, 6 DEIVFs and 1 miscarriage, that you deserve to adopt a baby. Oh and the laws being passed legalizing discrimination based on sexual orientation, age, gender, religion and more, that will make it even more difficult for people – the ones who managed to scrape up $30,000-$50,000 – to adopt. What the living fuck is wrong with this world.

Well, at least LePen didn’t win. Not that I’m thrilled with an investment banker with zero political experience either, but it beats Trumpette. But back in the US? How the hell did Australia start looking so good all of a sudden? Ugh. That’s it, I got no more pix to share.

5 thoughts on “Week in Pictues

  1. Is that a clematis in there? Absolutely lovely pictures, Aimee. Truthfully, I didn’t know potatoes could be grown in pots. Learn something new every day.
    Thank you for continuing to talk to us. The right words don’t exist to assuage your pain. The best advice I ever got in regards to someone who’s grieving is to say “I’m so sorry.” and then to shut up and let the other person spill. So, thank you for “spilling”, which is what I think you think you do all the time. And so what if you do? Sharing is all part of the process, but I know you know that too. All I’m saying is, rest assured that your friends are here to help shoulder your burden as best we can. We know you and Dan are doing the bulk of that, but again, thank you for keeping us as involved as you can allow. We love you both and are here to lift you up when you need it, and to hold you in our hearts as much as possible. ❤
    (And hopefully, that’ll be the last we hear from LePen. I’m with you there.)

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  2. The pious ‘as God intended/ planned etc’ stuff is so enraging and hurtful when shared to someone suffering. So sanctimonious and usually shared by someone not suffering at all. Thank you for letting us in. Xo

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  3. I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently. It’s so good to hear how you are doing. That’s one aspect I don’t like adoption – it’s like you have to convince the birth mothers that you are good enough for their baby. And it’s no guarantee that the birth mothers will read the profile books. All the people that spout adoption 100 percent of the time have never adopted or contemplated adoption.

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