well, one thing about this rainy spring? mega amounts of mushrooms all over the garden, front and back!

It’s May and after 2 days in the 80’s we’re back down to unseasonably low temps in the 50s. WTF Portland weather! Coolest weather I’ve seen it here in a very long time. Shit better change by the end of the month as I’ve got 16 tomato starts that will need to go in the beds by then before they walk up the stairs on their own! Hmm…

Since it is Friday and I’m trying to get back to my regular columns of sorts, here’s some food for thought to perk your ears up or at least get you thinking…

  • Here’s something rad: we saw this awesome blog post on polishing your boots with a banana peel and tried it and….it works like a charm!!! My husband is much better at maintaining his boots than I, so he gave it a whirl on his Blundstones, and after just one round it was clearly working!
  • Paisley Park is the new Graceland, and what a tour it shall be when they’re all done going through everything. I know folks out there have mixed feelings, but I kind of think it’s beautiful how he’s being honored in such a tremendous way. Let’s just say I’d go here way the hell before I’d ever set foot in Neverland Ranch…
  • My PT started using The Graston Technique on my lower back to work on my continued herniated disc pain and it felt great. Now that I’m off all the hormones, the SI joint pain has subsided considerably, and I can focus on more stretching to incrementally heal things. I can sit in a chair for about 10 minutes to type this (no more standing desk – I found it’s now more uncomfortable to stand and type than sit and type, go figure. When we go on our anniversary road trip, the (normally) 5 hour drive is going to be brutal, so I have a TENS unit to wear while Dan drives which my chiro said should help a bit. Crossing fingers!
  • Ducks have ears, you just can’t see them. Always wanted to know about how they hear and this article was SO interesting!
  • “In the Era of Trump, extreme discipline is poised to get worse.” Beyond the fact that she is absolutely incompetent, here’s another reason why I hate Betsy DeVos, the quack head of the Department of Education. It’s been shown time and again how black children are punished way more than the white kids, and I gotta say, from my time volunteering as a reader in our highly diverse neighborhood elementary school, I will tell you that it is absolutely true. I watched as one of the little black boys I read to was constantly punished for acting out when there were lots of little white boys being just as disruptive – and it broke my heart, particularly as we were just starting to connect when both his teacher and the coordinator would talk down to him in ways that I never saw happen with any other kiddo. And worst of all? If he acted up, they would not allow him to read with me, so I only got to see him about half the time, which is enormously harmful to the development of trust in these programs. He once was sent back to class for trying to climb a tree with a bunch of other boys. Did the other (white) boys get sent back? Nope. They literally refused him the help he needed in improving his reading skills, over and over again, which was one of the last straws for me in why we no longer donate our time or money to this organization. When they brought in a new coordinator who was from the suburbs and also was not from the community (yet very much enjoyed talking down to my husband and I and showing no understanding of our neighborhood), I knew there was no hope for these kids who’ve seen more shit happen to them than any of the people running these programs could imagine. The school system is fucked up enough as it is with forced testing, inaccurate history lessons and minimal if any access to Arts, Music and PhysEd – and when people volunteer their time, and see first hand how kids are discriminated against? It makes me sick. You don’t have to be a parent to know that there’s a lot of scary shit going on that is tolerated over and over and over. And over. And hell yeah there are good teachers out there, but there’s a reason why, if we end up adopting domestically (it’s been a really fucked up year as y’all know), that unschooling is the direction we’ll most likely be going in.
  • Oh yes and as we think about our next steps of possibly adopting domestically? It’s a good time to remind those assholes who tell you the popular lie that “once you adopt you’ll get pregnant” to go fuck themselves. And yes, I’m purposefully harsh because it’s hurtful, it’s ignorant, and it’s damn disrespectful to the child you do adopt. Adoption is not a cure for infertility. Adoption is not a backup plan for infertility. And if you are fortunate enough to adopt a child, that sure as hell does not cure you from the massive grief of infertility. Just think about it, if you have been through 6 failed rounds of donor egg IVF and a miscarriage, and you find out you’ve been matched with a birth mother, will you go running to join a “Newborn Care Class” full of big bellies? Fuck no. Fuck fuck fuck no. Or as my husband says “they have books for the stuff you can’t figure out.”
  • #45 continues to shit all over this country and the environment that is deteriorating rapidly, by not only scrubbing the entire topic of climate change from the EPA website, but also saying he wants to get the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Oh and our international friends might have seen that we’re being screwed here in America as the majority of the shithead Republicans in the House voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). They like to claim they have “replaced” it when they really just stripped protections on things like preexisting conditions (FYI, I couldn’t get health insurance before I got married and my husband went to work for his current employer because of preexisting conditions, so I went 3 years without it. And if the ACA didn’t exist, he would have been denied by his employer plan due to his own preexisting condition at the time.) and are fucking over the millions who finally were able to get insurance by taking away the subsidies (gotta love how these assholes say that “tax credits” will cover it – if you can’t fucking pay for it in the first place, tax credits don’t mean shit) and discriminating based on age…then they will punish you if you have a lapse in coverage by making you pay MORE than everyone else if you have a lapse. What. The. Fuck. And now of course it’s in the Senate under the “leadership” of one of the country’s biggest racist pigs, Mitch McConnell. Oh and did I mention this bill would also “block Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood, which could strip birth control access and preventive health care from an estimated 390,000 low-income women.”

Oh and by the way this all happened on the same day that #45 kissed Turnbull’s ass in Australia talking about how they (which is true) have much better healthcare there than in the US. (FYI for those not familiar, Australia has universal healthcare AND only spends 9% of it’s GDP on healthcare compared to America’s 17%.).

Yeah I’m ending this week’s column on a shitty note, I know, but it means we’ve got to fight. I’m fortunate to be in Oregon where we have two strong Senators, Wyden and Merkley, who won’t stand for the elitist, sexist, racist shit that’s going on in DC and have fought their asses off to protect ALL people, rather than just wealthy CEOs, but I know a lot of you are not as fortunate, and we ALL need to speak out.

Remember, #45 is also the guy who has invited the murderous Duterte from the Philippines to the White House not to mention said it’d be an honor to meet the dictator of North Korea. It’s a fucked up time and we gotta not just talk about it, but get out there and actively resist.


5 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. He does know that abortions are funded by our medicare system right?! As well as access to prenatal care, contraceptive advice AND you can get private health coverage WITH a preexisting condition!! Gasp!! We have a dual system of private and public, it isn’t perfect by a long shot but it could be a lot worse.
    That is sad about how discriminatory the school is đŸ˜¦


  2. This is quite possibly one of the creepiest things I have every typed but I’m going to do it anyway- I feel like we’d be great friends if we lived closer to one another. I very much look forward to reading what you write. Thanks for sharing it all so honestly.


    1. Hahahaha no it’s not creepy at all and in fact I’ve made many friends over the blogs from all parts of the world! By the way do you have a blog, as the link under your name to it doesn’t appear to work…?

      Liked by 1 person

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