Smooth sailing…

Here we go, kicking off our final TWW, or in actuality, 8DW since we test next Saturday. And I gotta say? This was the most unbelievably smooth transfer.
Beginning with a nice hot shower to literally start out on a clean slate, we made challah French toast with pear chai butter on top and thick cut bacon on the side, matched with strong coffee for my husband and an almond milk Prana Chai for moi. On a day where no sun was in the forecast, we went out to the backyard after brekkie to look up and see patches of blue. We watched our ducks waddling about, generally just chilling out for a beautiful start to the day.

At 10 I wandered across the street for 75 minutes of Reiki bliss with my esthetician Heidi, who is brilliant and kind and funny as hell and always sends me on my way, kind of floating back home full of positivity and amazing energy. In the midst of her work on me I had an epiphany: maybe it’s not about letting go of the past, but focusing on Letting Everything IN. Opening myself to the world after so much that’s happened has created a shell around me. Opening myself to being a mother after so much self-doubt had crept in. Opening my heart up for success.

My final ensemble? Black and white stripe long skirt, black “Bitch I’m Madonna” tank to honor past transfers, topped with my “Still, I rise” tee to look forward to this glorious leap into the future. A pair of black and white socks to keep warm during the procedure, and the garnet necklace my husband gave me that I adore. He had a few significant items on – wore his Mark Fitz skull tee I got him and his skull ring that he gave me while we were dating long distance 🙂

My acupuncturist met us at the clinic, I got a shot of Demerol in the hip, and by the time my pre-transfer needles were done, and a healthy dose of Chopin “Nocturnes” in my eard, I was in la la land. With the Demerol I was perfectly conscious but loosey-goosey in the legs and a bit stoned in the head. Slipped into the table, signed off on two double A embryos that both thawed out great they said, and I swear to god these embryos were in me within a couple minutes at most. My cervix stayed open on it’s own…something that has NEVER happened in all of my DEIVFs, biopsies scratches, and IUIs before that. Didn’t even feel the catheter. BAM. How awesome!

So we are just chilling out this afternoon as more sunshine came through this beautiful day, watching the movie La La Land and eating barbecue…

Not a bad transfer day I got to say…


15 thoughts on “Smooth sailing…

  1. So glad that you had a good transfer. It also sounds like your head is in a great place to be receptive to an embryo… do you think it is anything to do with a sense of relief at knowing this is your last transfer, and you won’t have to do it again!? (Providing that is still your plan… I’ve been a bit out the loop recently). Anyway all the best, sending love and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx


    1. Absolutely I think it helped – there’s a strange sense of freedom knowing this is it, we’ve literally done everything we could, my thyroid is in optimal condition, the ERA has me finally timed right, and they’re 2 supposedly great embryos. Plus hell, after this many times it’s not as much of a rollercoaster ya know?

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  2. I absolutely love this! So glad to hear you had a relaxing day. Will be thinking of you this whole week. Also, challah French toast with pear chai butter sounds absolutely divine…

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