Week in Pictures

Some of our girls take a bit more time getting into the water…Cocoa here eventually did as have two others, but we’re still waiting on Ethel to take a dip…
Not exactly Esther Williams, but I have been in the pool three times in the past week or so and it’s been overall pretty good. I’ve discovered that most aqua yoga moves involve bending and twisting in ways my disc is not ready for, so now Dan acts as my coach, getting me walking and kicking and floating in the water. Slowly but surely…
Caught these performers on my way home from the nursery while at a stoplight. I heart my hometown 🙂

And finally, here’s my own personal dream team I saw this week who have supported my mental and physical as we count down to our Sixth and Final Transfer Day. Clockwise from top left: Julie from Written on the Body (been going to her for THE best massages for a zillion years, and the only provider I can completely let my guard down with during all this shit we’ve dealt with these past few years), Liz from Blossom Clinic (my non-hippie-dippie badass acupuncturist who’s been caring for me since Round #4 and who will, as usual, be with me onsite before & after the transfer), Sylas from Family Roots Chiro (my awesome chiro who’s been a huge part of the healing process for my back injury, and super supportive and always makes me laugh), Beth from Sound Body (3rd time is definitely a charm with my search for a physical therapist – she knows her shit not just on the physical side but the emotional components that come up as well.), and Sheila Resari from True North (for awesome fertility massage, a la Maya Abdominal Therapy, pre-IVF – and great bonus deep tissue work on my shoulders and lower back…she was my good luck charm during Cycle #4 so I returned to her this week hoping for an even bigger good luck charm!). Cheers to them all – I am so grateful for their kindness, support, and overall awesomeness – it’s been a helluva journey!!!


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