Week in Pictures

The ladies got their first taste of freedom on Wednesday when we needed to clean out their coop, and boy did they take advantage of it (after finally being brave enough to step outside the doorway, ha!). Daffodils and tulips? Ignored. Cornflowers and alliums? Ignored. Our awesome patch of Cusick’s Checker Mallow? Like they’d fallen into Salad Heaven. OMG I had no idea before today that the stuff was edible, just that it was a native and that the butterflies and bees love their flowers. Soooo…gotta watch them so they don’t decimate it since they are nowhere near flowering yet! Oh and my gooseberry and currant bushes were spied by one of the gals and I had to immediately herd her away from them as I totally realized at that moment it was exactly starting to flower at “duck height”. Oy! I don’t want to cage/fence it off for aesthetic reasons, so I may transplant it to the front or into a pot, as they are finally thriving and I do not feel like sharing my first crop!! Along with their supervised jaunt, they all spied the “bucket pool” and at first were precariously leaning over to drink until Cocoa decided to use the brick “stairs” to hop in for a better drink – without any prodding! – and realized she was not quite ready for a swim and leaped out. Blondie, who followed her, completely freaked out being alone in there and it took some gentle herding to get her to the stairs-side of the bucket to get out. Silly girls. Hours of entertainment, I tell ya. Hours.
Returning down Williams Street from a massive craving for a luscious apple galette from Philippe’s Bread, I saw this wishing tree outside a house with tags and markers and, well…how could I not put our wish for this final cycle to work in writing? It would have been nuts not to, ya know!
And oh my goodness, I’ve not been a yogurt gal for a number of years (I think it’s gotten too sweet for me as most yogurt sold at grocery stores, even the fancy organic stuff, is loaded with sugar – check the labels next time, it’s as bad as a candy bar on most! – and I hate the plastic containers), then recently I discovered Traders Point Creamery and White Mountain. Both are sold at Whole Foods, both are organic, both are sold in glass jars, both use minimal sugar, and both are tasty as hell! Husband loves the plain Bulgarian yogurt mixed with honey and the blueberries we picked and froze last year, and while I don’t inhale yogurt by any stretch, these little glass jars and their simple flavors are perfect to have with a croissant (which is essential during The Catastrophe, heheheh), plus I have managed to reuse all eight that I’ve bought around the house to hold little things like rubber bands and fresh picked herbs and pens and even a sage smudging stick we burnt part of before starting this cycle. Noice!

And I’m focusing on visualizing success next week!


4 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Our birds will eat everything! They’ve cleaned out my flower beds, ate hot peppers, and devour pretty much anything that is not elevated or fenced. A good amount of the mischief is the geese but the ducks follow their lead. They are lucky we find their mischeif endearing. I’m enjoying how big those ladies are getting! I’m amazed at the size differences between the different breeds.
    No better quote for IVF then the one by Mandela. If we had no hope or belief it would work, why would we go through this?


    1. Haha… Yes we have two foot tall raised beds for the tomatoes and peppers and carrots and onions and peas and green beans… And a four foot high table top style bed for all of my greens… I knew they would definitely gobble those up if given the chance… Now I’m just thinking about all my poor blueberry bushes that are in the side yard that connect to the backyard. Hmm.


  2. From personal experience I can tell you that ducks will eat gooseberries, currants, blueberries, strawberries, and all others. Any berries they can get at, they will eat. Last summer I used the time I WOULD have used for canning berry preserves (if the ducks and geese hadn’t devoured them all) to work on a whole lot of fencing.


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