The ladies are now outside full time ! In their coop with a heatlamp secured way up high at night, and out in their run during the day (but with the coop door open as when it’s windy they like to go inside for their afternoon naps). Today it’s supposed to hit 60 and the sun is shining so I found a couple of them napping next to the waterer…so so SO cute! Three and a half weeks have seen so much in duck-land!  Clockwise from top left: Blondie, the independent one; Ethel, still the ringleader; all four girls preening after getting super mucky in the waterer; and Cocoa & Betty, the quieter but I think more astute two of the bunch. Love love love having ducks – no regrets!

  • As most folks know, we’re not religions types, and know that several holidays were appropriated by Christians who then looked down upon the pagans they took it from. Easter is one such holiday that started as a pagan festival of spring, and since springtime is all about new life, we thought it was appropriate to celebrate since it falls right during our TWW. We are going to celebrate spring by planting something new, enjoying a lovely brunch out on the water (assuming my back can handle it), and color some eggs. But it will NOT be with that nasty Paas stuff from Safeway that is full of gnarly artificial dyes. Check out this natural egg dye how-to! We sure will be…!
  • And speaking of the upcoming transfer (exactly two weeks to go!), my back is in no better shape and actually worsening along my SI joints since my PT went on honeymoon and her backup prescribed harder exercises that made me sore every day after doing them, which has now led to nerve issues that make it hard to walk for any small distance without pain. Along with that did you know that increased estrogen and progesterone can worsen SI joint pain (it basically loosens up that area as your body thinks it’s preparing for pregnancy – or actually is – and therefore starts destabilizing your lower back and hips). Considering I’m jacked up on the delestrogen and starting PIO next week, this thrills me to no end. Not. So resting and icing and heat-packing and doing about 1/10 of the exercises as I was doing a few weeks ago. WTF. Oh yeah, then trying to stay zen, tee hee hee…
  • On a different topic…Technology to combat sexual assault via “an online system designed to empower survivors to protect their communities?” Hell yeah. Check out Project Callisto and support their efforts!
  • Speaking of technology, many are learning about the Orange Bastard and his Shithead Cronies who are trying to take away online privacy (that is already in bad shape) to help big tech companies profit even more. Your ISP can now access, use and sell your private internet browser data thanks to this prick and his Republican cohorts, and they’re going after net neutrality laws next. Here are 8 ways to help protect your digital life – I can’t stress checking out this stuff enough. They’ve opened up Pandora’s box even more…
  • Finally, on two positive notes – at least for other areas of the world beyond here in the States, other countries are pressing on with renewable energy, and – how fucking cool is this?!! – “As part of efforts to tackle the decline of bee populations – crucial to Australia’s food security, agriculture and environmental sustainability – three hives will be installed in bushland outside Parliament on Friday night.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
~Anne Bradstreet


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