Finding the mum and dad in us…?

In their new and improved brooder where there’s more room to scamper about while still staying warm and toasty. Since they are now in the garage with their heat lamp (and a supplemental heater plugged in outside of it, as it’s been in the 40’s at night and I’m still not convinced they are warm enough with just the heat lamp since the garage is not insulated), we’re back to having them on straw instead of towels (and man does our basement smell better by the way!). For non-duck owners, did you know that ducks’ eyes do not turn in their sockets so they have to turn their heads up to look at you? So you can see who’s paying attention in these shots, haha…Today they’ve got a taste for some scraps of leftover romaine that I chopped up with some bits of sage and lavender to boot. Yesterday we gave them their first “swim” in some warm water in a plastic tub we had – they went nuts! Not truly ‘swimming’ but definitely trying out the dunking of the head and preening a bit. I could swear too that Ethel (black with white neck) croaked a bit and is just around the corner from beginning to quack (they still cheep-cheep-cheep right now…).

Well dang. I’ve been up at the crack of dawn, not sleeping well, frequently going in to see how the little ones are doing. Setting the alarm for 5 am to make sure the timer on the heater in the garage is reset during chilly nights and ending up watching them with a small smile on my face. These four babies.

Ducklings, I mean.


Who wakes up in the middle of the night to make sure their ducks are still alive? Do they have enough water? Are they shivering from a sudden draft I didn’t notice? Has one MacGyver’d their way out and is currently hiding in a place I can’t reach? Are they okay? AM I A GOOD CARETAKER?


Holy crap. If this is not a preview of parental paranoia I don’t know what is.


In the meantime, husband had his second ever baby dream, the first one being back in June when he dreamed our baby looked like a Mister Potato Head (strangely, we also got pregnant then and miscarried at 9 weeks…was it the fact that the embryo was planning to turn out more like a root vegetable with plastic lips? Sorry, that was twisted…). This one was an image of a fully formed baby, yet strikingly similar to a Barbie doll, driving a car.

So hey, he’s envisioning it too in his own special way hahaha…wheeee!! This is fun.

Then there’s my horoscope for April that was in either Elle or Vogue which ended with: “Expect regular visits from the birds and the bees – and, quite possibly, the stork!”

So yeah, hope is in the air, right? I dunno, but I’ll take any positive vibes I can get. Hey, if other people vomit God all over their blog as the reason they do or don’t get pregnant via IVF, we can use duckling metaphors, dream interpretation and astrology, dammit.





7 thoughts on “Finding the mum and dad in us…?

  1. Ducks and babies! I’m all giddy for you! I love how they turn their heads to look at you. Wait till they start sleeping on one leg with their bill tucked into their back feathers and the other leg tucked into their feathers! Amazing creatures and yoga masters!


    1. Haha yeah right now a couple of them like to just splay one leg out … kind of like how I sleep… I cannot WAIT for them to get real feathers! Starting next week we will let them be outside during the days which will be great… Dan started feeding them worms and they’re total carnivores ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. God has a lot to answer for…but I won’t dwell on that point right now!

    I never knew the eye thing about ducks before! Everyday is a school day ๐Ÿค—

    sounds like you are being a great duck mummy, if you didn’t worry about them, then I think that would be worrying in itself! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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