An advocate for women? My ass. How can a woman whose mother was raped by her father, and whose father bragged about his history of sexual assault, support her father? How can a woman claim to be an advocate for women when she has done exactly nothing to fight for women’s rights? She is repulsive.

What a fucking crapper of a week in the US. We knew he was going to keep shitting all over our country but it still doesn’t cease to amaze me how the Orange Prick continues to lie and not be held accountable for it – legally, financially, morally. He has broken the law multiple times, libel being the most obvious, treason being a close second. But what about things like endangering the citizens of the United States with his proposal to slash the Environmental Protection Agency by one-third, which includes a massive “fuck you” to scientists as it proposes to halve the R&D budget, and eliminating major cleanup and restoration projects like the ones happening to Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes, that corporate polluters fucked in the first place. In addition, “One of the most visible ways the EPA spends its money and human resources is on the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative — a massive project to clean up dangerously contaminated land and make it fit for human use again…Trump’s budget would cut funding for the Superfund programs 30.2%, by $330 million.” (source). What. The. Fuck.

Love what’s going on in Flint, Michigan? Want to see that in your city? Keep on supporting Trump, assholes. Water is getting fucked everywhere – in Vacaville, CA, “Five of the city’s 11 groundwater wells contain chromium-6 at levels above the state standard, according to recent testing.” (source) This is the cancer-causing chemical made famous in the movie Erin Brockovich.

Give, even a small amount, to the NRDC to help them fund this fight to dismantle an agency that was created to clean up the mess that corporations created. I just gave them another $100 today. The NRDC is not a bunch of protesters – these are skilled environmental attorneys who know their shit and know how to make a difference. As the Wall Street Journal said, “NRDC is, by many accounts, the most effective lobbying and litigating group on environmental issues.” Last night we were watching the news and the Sierra Club aptly stated that letting Pruitt run the EPA is like letting an arsonist run the fire department. And it’s being proven, over and over again.

This is not about being Democrat or Republican or Independent or Libertarian. This is about fundamental human rights to live on a healthy planet. Trump doesn’t speak for all of us, he doesn’t even speak for the majority of voters. So don’t roll over and do nothing. Speak up. Contribute. DO SOMETHING.

(I don’t have a list of links this week. This is all that is on my mind. From the micro to the macro level, we can all do something, be it shrinking our own carbon footprint to volunteering on environmental projects to blogging out to your own network to contacting your elected officials to making contributions in yours or your business’s name to nonprofits who have the people to affect even bigger change, we CANNOT be complacent.)




2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I’m glad that these issues are coming to the forefront but I’m disappointed about why they are. People want cheap junk and corporations give it to them at the expense of the planet. Too many people have their worth tied up in material objects. There is so much more to life than stuff and impressing others. It gives me hope that there are those that care and continue to care. In Alaska, there is the constant battle of mining all of her resources and protecting her untouched wilderness.

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