Left: Just after rubbing her face in the thyme bush, her latest and greatest way of scratching her face (which leads to the most hilarious sneeze we’ve ever seen). Right: the weird stare she gives when she’s on the couch, making you feel awkward.

Dang – next week is March, y’all! It will be Spring in less than a month and with that I am hoping for healing and good things. How ’bout you? PT and Chiro and Acu and Massage and argh, I’m fed up with not being able to live life normally!!!! But I have to remember that healing a herniated disc takes time and commitment and with that, patience. CBD pills did nothing for me – dang, even with THC in the capsules I still felt no improvement (not even a bit of a high either, hah). But, as my PT said, I’m super hard on myself and that’s not helping my situation. She also is pretty darn sure my back injury is markedly worse because of everything else going on in my life, which makes sense. I mean, none of it is touching a nerve so with one 10 minute exception, I’ve never experienced sciatica (yay) yet by 7pm I’m a grumpy mess because I can’t sit, walk, stand, lie down, nothing, without discomfort. Fuckadoodledoo. But I am breathing, I have an amazing partner, and a good job. So, YEAH! That’s worth reminding myself – gratitude is so vital. SAY THANK YOU! I hear in my head when I get too whiny, hearing the words of Maya Angelou…

Anyhoo. Here’s some things I wanted to share that I thought were some damn good food for thought…

  • Keith Ellison for the DNC? Hell yeah.
  • While few, because there is such a social stigma in the first place, studies exist, the New York Times has shared new information about the potential benefits of THC/CBD for some women during pregnancy. Whether it be for nausea, anxiety or chronic pain, it’s worth noting. Just like it’s been proven time and again that things like cured meats, sushi and small amounts are alcohol are NOT going to kill your baby or make it come out with four heads or mentally wonky, the fear-mongering in pregnancy by the majority of doctors still happens.
  • Love it – Germany supporting the environment through vegetarian state functions. Kinda cool. While I’m not a vegetarian, I do agree us us omnivores, can afford to decrease the meat in our diets.
  • As someone who deliberately bought her home because of its close proximity to public transportation, I loved NRDC’s article about the YIMBY movement, calling out the hypocrisy of those who, like The Onion mocked, claim that we need more mass transit but don’t want any of that stuff “in their backyard”. When I hear people who say they HAVE to drive their kids to school rather than have them walk, bike, or (gasp!) take the school bus, or claim they don’t take the bus to work because “oh I have kids” (as if my parents and the millions of other parents out there who do bus or bike to work don’t exist), I want to stab my eyeballs with a butter knife.
  • Think it’s “no big deal” to use salt on roads to make it more convenient for you to drive? Please, please, think again. “In Minnesota, which uses about 349,000 tons of salt on roads in the Twin Cities area each year, a 2008 study found that approximately 78 percent of it was either transported to groundwater or flowed into local lakes and wetlands, along with melting ice. A University of Minnesota study found that road salt is accumulative, meaning it builds up in waterways. Currently, 21 lakes, 22 streams and four wetlands in Minnesota are considered impaired because of chloride.” Remember, this planet is our home – fucking it up for convenience’s sake is, well, bullshit.
  • For my darlings outside the US, here’s a lovely, well-articulated Timeline of Trump’s Relationship with the Press (courtesy of our friends at The Onion, of course).
  • And for my last note, Gloria “Coolest Fucking Woman on the Planet” Steinem reminds us as women, we have the power over our own bodies. As she put so well in reference to the misogynist, racist, xenophobic hatemonger who won the Electoral College but not the Popular Vote, “There’s only one of him, there are many more of us. Look laterally at your friends and people who share your values. Don’t look up at this one crazy guy, because looking at that one person that makes us feel isolated.

So I’ll leave you with a few quotes that struck me deeply as I am finishing out (finally) Gloria Steinem’s My Life On The Road:

On Hillary Clinton – “I noticed that Hillary Haters often turned out to bet the women most like her: white, well educated…They hadn’t objected to sons, brother, sons-in-law using family connections and political names to further political careers, say the Bushes, Rockefellers, Kennedys, yet they objected to Hillary doing the same. The more they talked, the more it was clear that their own husbands hadn’t shared power with them…After one long night and a lot of wine, one woman told me that Hillary’s marriage made her aware of just how unequal hers was…It was Hillary’s very strength and independence that made them blame her.”

On voting for Clinton instead of Obama in 2008 (which translates pretty darn well to Sanders in 2016): Women are always better liked if we sacrifice ourselves for something bigger – and Something Bigger always means including men, even though Something Bigger for men doesn’t usually mean including women. In choosing Hillary, I would be seen as selfish for supporting a woman “like” me. But that was a warning, too. Needing approval is a female cultural disease, and often a sign of doing the wrong thing.”

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