Our backyard is neutral to the Nth degree in February! Beyond the tiny splash of green at the top where the cornflowers (so weedy but so pretty and the bees love ’em so we’re suckers!!) have started coming up, it’s all brown. I’m impatient for spring! On the top right you’ll see our trellis is up as that’s what the peas will climb up. I will say though that I’m gleeful to show off the gazillion burlap coffee bags we rescued from the now-defunct community garden before the bulldozer comes. (You see, coffee bags are rarely given away anymore by the roasters here in Portland because they realized they could charge $2 a bag (or more) as gardeners and crafty folks love repurposing them. Oy!)

Well let’s not talk about how a guy who’s been trying to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency is now head of the EPA. And let’s not talk about how even Russia is laughing the “president” off and sending subs into our waters. And let’s really really not talk about how the domestic adoption agency’s $500 “training” (which instead was primarily repeating their processes with more detail, showing off their website – no actual training about parenting) included inviting an adoptive parent to speak for 30 minutes to us WITH HER BABY ON HER LAP, in a room full of infertile couples (we’d all shared our stories the afternoon before). Talk about triggers.

But really, let’s not talk about it right now, as I need to share happy stuff today…

  • For those of you living in cannabis-friendly areas of the country and/or world, here’s an interesting article on cannabis dosing so if you are using CBD &/or THC for medicinal purposes, you know how much to take depending on your injury. Since most of you don’t know me personally, I have smoked pot maybe 8 or 9 times in my life. Hate the smell, hate the side-effects (crazy cotton mouth), and honestly it was never anything I wanted to spend my hard-earned money on.  I chose the legal drug instead – food. But I could care less if others want to do it (just like cigarettes, as long as I don’t have to walk through the smoke) and fully support legalization of all drugs. Getting addiction out of the open, removing shame from it, and putting our money towards prevention and treatment instead of black markets and punishment. And I also think our country has done itself a great disservice economically – from hemp production which is so much greener than cotton, to the medicinal values, to the overall tax revenues from folks enjoying themselves just as they do from alcohol (but with far lower assault rates at the end of the night).
  • For those of us preparing for spring embryo transfers, I’m republishing this link to Fertility Meditations. It’s the best one as far as I’m concerned in getting my mind to quiet the fuck down. 🙂
  • Crossing my finger for the women of Florida as this first piece of good news from the ACLU that “the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a lower court’s decision blocking the state’s 24-hour mandatory abortion delay law from taking effect while the litigation proceeds. In upholding the preliminary injunction, the court also found that the law likely violates the Florida Constitution’s strong right of privacy.”
  • A beautiful reminder of why we need the EPA. I’ve donated to NRDC whose lawyers are the ones who affect real change – will you join me?
  • I read a phenomenal interview this week in the New York Times Magazine about how Willie J Parker Changed His Mind About Abortion, and I have to say thus far he articulates better than anyone about what it means to be in control of your own body and why those trying to criminalize it are so, so wrong:
    “I come from a heritage of people who know what it’s like to have your life controlled by somebody else. What’s most proximate to that reality right now is the direct control of women’s bodies and their reproduction, because if you don’t control your reproduction, you don’t control anything else about your life.’

4 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about drugs. I too have no desire to use them, but think we could break the backs of the cartels overnight just by making them legal and taxable and letting adults make their own choices. And I too show so many addictive behaviors around food and cooking (cook to relax even when nobody in the house is hungry) that it might as well be a drug.

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