What makes me happy? Turning around and seeing my husband’s put his winter hat on Ruby 🙂

Another week gone by, another biopsy done, another TWW that will not lead to a pregnancy result but still hoping for a BFP of another kind, the one that hollers out “Receptive” in all its glory.

Here’s the latest to get your link fixes going for the week’s end…

  • Well, damn. In the waiting room to get my MRI, I’m browsing through a “Portland’s coolest home bars” article and I Shit You Not, see that The Get Down Lounge is now the basement of my deceased gram and grandpa’s house (where my dad and his siblings grew up and where I spent so much of my life before they left this earth in ’08 and 11). It is very, very weird to see the bar my grandpa used to sit at with a drink, smoking Camel unfiltered cigarettes with the old cool bar toys on top and the sign with the pictures and descriptions of all the cocktails back in the day (pink lady, tom collins, etc.), and read the new owner’s comment about the cigarette burns in the bar. It is very weird to know the 1950’s refrigerator is no longer there with the Pop Shoppe sodas my grandpa used to stock it with. It is very weird to see the piano that we were forced to leave behind because the subceiling was too low to get it out on the day the house went on the market (I wanted it as it was the piano that I used to play on, with numbers on them so I could remember how to play a super basic tune), sitting down there being touched by hipsters. I’m not mad, I’m just incredibly sad that this is no longer my family’s home.  It is odd to not see the jukebox, to not see the old beer logo mirrors, to not remember the smell and feel of a place that I always wanted to be the one to buy (but of course, being relatives of mine, they wouldn’t consider it, and waited years til after they were passed to finally put it up for sale).  It is hard for me to drive my bike or ride in the car past there without getting emotional, because that is more home to me than even the house I actually grew up in. And now it’s just a feature article in a magazine.
  • On a totally different note, my husband and I went into our first dispensary to get some cannabis oil rub for my back. That and CBD capsules for my herniated disc were recommended by 3 different people this week, including 2 care providers, so we thought, why not. We picked up some cannabis-infused oil made by the women-owned Empower BodyCare that smells divinely of mint and other non-weedy scents. The place we went didn’t have the capsules but had Gron Chocolate, who make super sustainable dark chocolate bars with CBD only, so you’re not getting stoned but getting the medicinal effects of cannabis, which I think is pretty great. After all, I’m not looking to escape and get stoned, just looking for natural ways to truly feel better. The rub was nice smelling but not worth $42, hell no, and a $26 chocolate bar shared with my hubby (no THC in it, so eating the whole thing between the two of us was more about calories since there’s no “high” associated) that made me, well, gassy? Notsomuch. Glad to have legalization and glad to see sustainable products, but I’m still on the hunt so tomorrow we head over to another one after the biopsy to see if they have the capsules. Those do have THC in them so I won’t put any of that stuff in my system when my final transfer cycle begins in March, just see how this works for the next month.
  • Shocking, but there are at least 5 Things Donald Trump Attacked Hillary Clinton Over – But Is Currently Doing Himself. Yep, including using personal email.
  • On a sweet note, did you see the pix of Hill & Bill’s date night? So so sweet. She still gets standing O’s wherever she goes. So fucking bittersweet.
  • And in the winter, I don’t know about you  but my online shopping has jacked up compared to in-store. For me, much is because I’m trying to avoid getting into a driving/riding position with my back, but still, this habit does beg the question (which NRDC has answered quite well), which is worse environmentally, online or in-store shopping? Of course you know it’s not a black and white answer!
  • Finally, we picked up our duck coop enclosure frame’s posts and 2×4’s up today – in the pouring rain, of course –  at The Rebuilding Center. Gotta love sweet Ella Rose at the checkout! For those not from P-town, this is like the salvage version of Home Depot where they take deconstructed construction materials like wood and doors and windows and such, and sell it back to the public thrift-store style. Let’s just say that eight 8′ 2×4’s and four 8′ square posts were $14.40. At the big box store brand new? In the hundred. Oh yeah baybeeeee!  Soon there will be pictures but after the weather shapes up – the forecast promises weekend sun and 50+ degree temps, holymoly…but we’re motivated, as ducklings arrive in a month!

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