Who Knew


Who knew I’d say thank you for a misdiagnosis for my back. Turns out the x-ray report was wrong. I do NOT have pars defect in my spine!!!!!

It’s “just” a lumbar herniated disc in my L4/L5. Woo hoo!

Well, not woo hoo, as I’m not jumping for joy as there’s still a long recovery, weekly PT and chiro, and a shit-ton of exercising to do at home to strengthen the area – and as of today I had my first sciatica episode – but if a piece of my spine does not have a hairline fracture? That’s a damn good thing.

Fuck the fucking fuckers who made me go through the worst 48 hour period since my miscarriage.  That’s some unfair shit. But damn I’m glad for that MRI. 30 minutes in the scary clanging coffin for a truthful diagnosis was worth it.

So back to the chiropractor, back to the osteopath/PT, and after a whole lot of experimentation, my massage therapist has unlocked the key to a comfortable AND effective massage that doesn’t involve lying on my tummy. It’s all about the cupping, y’all. Something about “reverse pressure” feels so much better 🙂

But it’s a bitch. And I’m on day four of PIO shots in prep for the ERA biopsy Thursday which will hopefully give us a Receptivity thumbs up for April’s transfer. Because come hell or high water, we’re doing this transfer in April!


5 thoughts on “Who Knew

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel so relieved for you!! However, I know the pain of having a herniated disk and it’s awful.. But like you said, not fractured!

    Cupping, acupuncture, stretching all did wonders for me. Does your PT have a traction machine (looks like a old fashioned torture device that they strap you into laying down and it pulls your top half away from your bottom half)? It worked wonders for me too when mixed with all the other things.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    1. From my understanding, traction is the next step with my PT. Unfortunately she only had 2 openings in all of January, then was a no-show at our 3rd appointment, so I go back in tomorrow and hopefully that’ll be the next step. However, that machine sounds like the one at the chiropractor’s – I lay face down on it, he straps in my ankles, and the lower half bends down and back – is that the one? How long was your recovery by the way? I’ve heard it can be up to 5 months…?


      1. The machine they used on me was flat and they wrapped a strap around my hip bones and then I think one under my chest and the two ends gradually pulled in separate directions. No bending involved. My recovery was relatively short but from the sounds of it I don’t think my herniated disk was as severe as yours! I think it was about two months… Though I still have soreness in the area on and off even though it’s been almost two years.


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