Week in Pictures

Husband is in month two of his self-education in the World o’ Meat. After he got spoiled on his birthday this past year with books focused on All Things Meat, I suggested he try a different recipe each month so he can continue learning right here at home. So we corned our own beef for Christmas, then in January he made a ton of bacon from 4 pounds of pork belly (YUM – and incredibly easy, not to mention way cheaper than buying the good stuff at the store), and this month he’s in the kitchen making biltong with some beautiful organic grass-fed beef.  I’m not much of a beef eater myself, by the way, but this man of mine comes from hardy Australian stock and so when it comes into our house, it’s of the purest, most sustainable and humane form. And hey, it gave me an excuse to take advantage of the post-holiday sales and finally buy a dehydrator!!


This weekend my honey’s took another big step towards his dream and attending Portland Meat Collective’s two-day Pig Butchery & Charcuterie class. I love that they focus on sustainable, humane practices and that he really gets to be hands-on, as the students pair up on each animal and learn how to do it right. And? It’s founder is a woman (read here about Camas Davis) – in a male-dominated industry, that’s extra cool. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he got to bring home 20+ pounds of pork. I don’t even know what to say to that much meat in my house. Let’s just say we’ll be set for a very long time – and amen for our freezer in the basement!

And I gotta say there’s nothing like having a great husband who understands the point where progesterone is taking over your mental and just let you go back inside and lay on a heating pad while he works on the enclosure for our new duck coop. And there’s nothing like the wonderful support of the people who follow my blog and have been unconditionally supportive. Love you all!!!

Oh and look what my mum in Australia sent me for my birthday! Yayyyyy!


4 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. I think out of this entire post – the dehydrator is what I got so excited about! We had a 1970s seen on TV one that was eh (no fan, just one heat setting and it at the bottom) so last summer I splurged.


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