In case anyone’s wondering, I’m with Janey on this one.

Yeah don’t you all want to come to America now!!! Are we looking like the most inviting place on Earth now or what?

Suddenly Australia PM Turnbull doesn’t look so bad. Somehow we’re all nostalgic for Dubya. And yeah, don’t even get me started on the Dickhead In Chief’s threat to invade Mexico. When.Am.I.Going.To.Wake.Up.

Here’s some things to consider in the meantime:

  • Support the ACLU. Not just mentally – get out your wallet, duh. You can even buy a Dissent is Patriotic t-shirt on their website like I just did.
  • Fight the disgusting assault on the environment that President Fuckwad has initiated with the help of the same asshole who led the company that still hasn’t made full reparations for the Valdez spill – donate to the NRDC. These aren’t a bunch of hippie dippie volunteers singing songs (no offense to all the wonderful hippies out there) – these are badass lawyers who get shit done.
  • And there are lots of ways that my friends and family in California can say fuck you to the new administration. Hopefully our own Gov Brown up here will follow suit.
  • And if you don’t think that Trump is a complete hypocrite? Read about the 5 things Donald Trump Attacked Hillary Clinton Over – But Is Currently Doing Himself. From using personal email to this day, to conflicts of interest with his overseas business dealings, to appointing a Wall Street alumni to his cabinet, the man is full of crap.


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