ERA hits the media!

I saw this on NBC News tonight and I knew from the leadup to the story they were talking about the Endometrial Receptivity Assay that I’m in the midst of. I literally started balling. Balling out of joy that this might help get the word out. Watch more here:

Watch it, and if you are struggling, get this test before you do ANY more transfers. Seriously, and if you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield (get the insurance codes and confirm with your insurance company), it’s considered a diagnostic test and is covered by insurance unlike most IVF stuff, but either way, if you’re spending four or five digits for another try, another thousand or so to see if you’re one of the four or five whose transfers are being done on the wrong day, thereby wasting your precious embryos? Fuck yeah.

Oh yes, and the Queen is pregnant. The amazing Beyonce is expecting twins. For those of you who don’t know, she’s struggled to conceive, been through miscarriage, and oh yeah, IVF has been rumored. Congratulations to her, no matter what!

One week from tomorrow I’ll be doing ERA Biopsy #2 to confirm receptivity at P+6 rather than P+5.

Oh and did I mention I checked my thyroid this week and my TSH has plummeted to .05? I’m actually slightly HYPERthyroidic rather than hypo. But dude – I can deal with that as hyper doesn’t have the same impact as hypo, and I’ve got an appointment with a bona fide thyroid specialist next Friday, the day after the biopsy (I was on a 2 month waiting list to get in, so this is awesome after the fools I’ve dealt with before in both the ND and MD world!).

HOPE. Could there be hope with this ERA? Let us hope so y’all. Amen for the bloggers and forums out there that educated me about the ERA. Fuckin A.


3 thoughts on “ERA hits the media!

  1. This made me want to get an ERA between the twins in the video and the fact that insurance will pay for it. One more test to make sure this is going to work because we do not have many embryos so need to be dead on with this. Yes! Feeling so much hope for you!

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