Loving this little beaker with a sedum in it we noticed on the tables at Milk Glass Market, just around the corner from where my grandma and grandpa lived for 60 years 🙂

What a crazy ass week it’s been. From watching the Tyrant-in-Chief proving his hypocrisy, ignorance and hate Every.Single.Day, to turning a year older, to making my first foray back into a client’s office (and having to stand during almost the entire thing, along with forgetting to put on my sweater over my t-shirt, requiring I keep my coat on the whole time – which was sloppier? I dunno.), to getting my fertility doctor to start off the first line of “Happy Birthday To You” when he managed to call me on my birthday to schedule my second ERA biopsy and didn’t realize what day it was (heh), to finally finishing the siding on our duck house, it’s been a full week.

  • Why Do Dogs Love Snow? I finally googled this question and, yup, sure enough, there’s an answer to the question 🙂
  • Did I ever mention how obsessed I am with Blue Canoe, makers of organic, American-made clothing? And let me tell ya, ladies, they make the most awesome bras on Earth…
  • Michelle Obama, we haven’t forgotten you. Let’s get nostalgic and watch her video surprising elementary school kids. Something the clueless new FLOTUS would never have the heart or class to do. Miss you, Obamas…
  • Speaking of calling out the truth, sexism in the country and the election comes out crystal clear when I read today in Bustle that, “A survey from Public Policy Polling found that a plurality of Trump supporters agreed that he should be allowed to use a private email server. Let me repeat that: the plurality of supporters of a man who literally threatened to send Hillary Clinton to prison for using a private email server would be absolutely fine if Trump did the same thing.”
  • And I must share Alaskan Blueberry’s post about the  Personhood Bill and IVF. To learn about this bill is driving me into a bit of a fury to put it mildly. It is absolutely SICKENING to me that there are people in this country who are adamant about stripping women of their rights to their own bodies and from couples of their rights to build a family. Are you someone who enjoys their current rights to infertility treatments yet thinks that women shouldn’t have the right to their own bodies if a pregnancy needs to be terminated? I urge you to re-think your perspective, as this is utter hypocrisy. Want to take real action? Click HERE to send RESOLVE’s letter to your congresspeople (I did this and added my own story at the end), and click HERE to donate – no matter where you are in the world.  I gave – and hope you will too, for all of our sisters (and brothers) out there trying to build a family.
  • To end today’s Eco-licious post, I *LOVED* this article on LinkedIn about Showing Up, talking about the importance of being there in real life – not just on social media or in spirit – to affect real change. Get out there. Do something real.



2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. The doctor and the Happy Birthday is pretty cute. Sometimes the small things remind you that it is going to be okay. It is going to be okay because people still do care. It is going to be okay because I’m loving how involved everyone I know is. I hope they keep it up. I’m trying to be there even from Alaska. Marching at -15. Spending my IVF money on causes I support. I’m now on a the bone marrow registry. Tomorrow we are going to a postcard party where we are writing hand-written notes to our representatives. This is only the beginning but I promise you, I will show up.

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