Week in Pictures

Oh my! The ideas from friends and Pinterest and other sites about duck housing, feeding, and enclosures are just making me crazy excited! While it rained, I was busy sanding, priming, painting more scrap wood for the siding (something I can do with a shitty back, yayyy), then rushing outside during the dry moments to attach it to the last bare wall. So next up are the finishing touches like feeding and keeping rain out of the window/vents, building the doors and ramp and then building the enclosure. Wheee!


Totally dug the Minimalism documentary – lots of food for thought as we get into 2017… check it out!


And I’m eternally grateful for the help of Christine at Igenomix, the ERA peeps, for calling me and explaining everything about my results and their recommendation for doing the next biopsy at P+6 which they think will be my receptivity window – and that no, the prior transfers done with 6 doses of PIO don’t mean I need to do it at P+7 because there was only an approximately 12 hour difference in those two times and they think I need a full 24hours before I’m receptive. I got about 50% of what she was saying but that’s 50% more than what my RE had to offer, and ultimately, she clearly answered my question, which is totally awesome. So y’all if you are getting an ERA and something doesn’t make sense or you just want to hear it straight from the folks who actually made the recommendation rather than your doctor’s interpretation? Contact the lab  – it’s SO worth it!!


Diggin’ this fence art I spotted while out and about the other day…we should all add these instructions to our t0-do lists, no? 🙂


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