Snowpocalypse 2017!

A foot of snow in one night in Portland. Haven’t had it this deep since the winter of 2008! Gotta love it! And as timing would have it, it’s Dan’s weekend so we got to walk to the park with Ruby (who was a great sport even though it came up to her belly), watch the dogs and kids run wild, then make pancakes and drink hot cocoa and stare out the window before we go out for another walk. And yep, my Australian hubby got to shovel his first walk today 🙂 It’s definitely been one weird winter for us Stumptown folks – love it!!


3 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2017!

  1. That’s more snow then we’ve gotten in WI. Ours has mostly been 4 inches at a time and a lot of freezing rain, sleet and ice. No school today (which is very abnormal for a district, but they’ve been getting a lot of flack for not cancelling) because of ice in the forecast again today. It’s happened every Monday this month so far, lol.


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