A slow rumbling…


So not a ton going on this week beyond the fact that our “ERA TWW” has now been extended. Trying to keep my cool.

Um, yeah, so Igenomix let me know that, while my biopsy was Tuesday, they didn’t receive my sample from my RE until FRIDAY. Even though the nurse scheduled my ERA to happen Tuesday before the Fedex arrived so it could get out in time, my doctor must have taken his own sweet time with the paperwork. My first clue was when he called me that NIGHT after the biopsy to ask me what time each day I was doing PIO shots so he could put this on the paperwork (WTF – beyond the fact that I’d just told him that morning, what the flying fuck was he doing paperwork after the fact, especially as he knows there will be a two week wait for results and we were putting me on extra hormones just to keep my body “ready” in case we got a Receptive result from it?) So  now because of this? The TWW began on the 6th, moving results day to the 20th (or potentially Monday the 23rd for “processing time”), which means even if my thyroid were perfect, if the results actually take as long as they expect, there will be no transfer in February.

So my first thought was, jump the hell off the estradiol/provera cocktail, right? Then I realized that no matter what, I need to get my thyroid rechecked while on estrogen because I need to see if the new synthroid/cytomel combo brings down my TSH while in that hormone environment. And therefore that means no matter what, I’m going to be popping these stupid pills for 2 more weeks. Oh joy.

But hey, it is what it is, and I kind of knew in the back of my head we were looking at an April transfer rather than February. My only hope is that the ERA doesn’t have to be repeated and I can just take February off…but hey, is what it is no matter what it is.

And hey, February we do our domestic adoption training class because still absolutely zero communication from the international agency and our application has been sitting in Addis Ababa for nearly 13 months now, seemingly untouched. The interesting thing of course will be that after the training we’ll have to kick off the next stage of paperwork  -which means another check to write – while still not knowing about Cycle Six. Hey, we’re almost $50,000 into this with zero results beyond depression, loss, and anxiety (and 40 extra pounds on my side)…so why not randomly toss money at another organization! Fun stuff!

Really though, I’m going to keep a twinkle in my eye throughout this all, because really, as long as I do what I gotta do, the results – while not in my hands – will never show that I didn’t do everything in my power to grow our family.

Next up? Scheduling that tattoo. I have figured out what it will look like, and I can’t wait to show y’all when it’s done…



8 thoughts on “A slow rumbling…

    1. Your guess is as good as mine, this is the first time he’s ever done and ERA as I requested it specially. I’m guessing since the nurse wasn’t there that was coordinating everything she wasn’t there to push him to get everything on time. But he’s still a better person to work with than the jerk I got the second opinion from a couple of months ago.


  1. It’s maddening, the lack of urgency that these professionals exhibit, meanwhile you’re doing above and beyond. It’s a whole new frustration in my experience. It’s true though — you can’t say you didn’t give it your all. I’m with you on the tattoo planning …. and think I might get pierced in the nose too. Wanting to show the world at how this process has brought out the warrior in me. Looking forward to seeing your tattoo idea.

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  2. Tattoo?! Lovely! Looking forward to seeing it. I love my new(ish) piercing – felt quite cathartic to own my body again in choosing where to get it and what jewellery to use.


  3. Oh that is so frustrating. The first ERA I had, I had to wait nearly 3 weeks. They were backed up or something- and even though my clinic works on weekends, Igenomix seems not to- it was toughhhhhh.


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