EcoTraction is the bomb diggity for slippery steps and such – and is one of the ONLY products that is not toxic on the environment or on pets’ feet! And a jug is pretty inexpensive. Please do NOT use salt, people – it’s horrifically damaging!

First week of 2017? Done. Whew. And I wrote all this on Friday and forgot to post it, so better late than never as in this freezing rain with full on cabin fever for me. Husband is off at work with his new set of YakTrax for his shoes – they may look like parts of a naughty game when you take them out of the package, but they are serious life savers for walking on icy city streets! Anyhoo..

  • I was so excited to see this LinkedIn post my friend wrote on entrepreneurship, humanity and social justice , who’s volunteering with Defy Ventures, an organization that “brings a reality-based and proven employment, entrepreneurship and character building program into prisons for inmates who – frankly – most of our country have written off.” I’ve known Peter since the early days of starting my company, and am not surprised that he’s part of this as he’s one of those people you meet and just smile upon shaking his hand, he’s so cool. He and his phenomenal wife, who were two witnesses at our super small wedding, continue to do great things down in SoCal. Coincidentally, his post came just a day after I chatted with Mercy Corps about volunteering with their prison reentry program, helping women acclimate to life on the outside, as I’ve been wanting to contribute my professional skills as a recruiter and career coach in a new way outside of tech.
  • What he cannot do is erase the mark of the man — a measured and rational president, a committed father and husband, who is leaving his country much better off, and the office without a trace of personal scandal.” I am nervous about our country’s future and only hope that impeachment comes for the piece of shit who wants to destroy all of the progress Obama made, from social justice to the environment to, of course, healthcare that 20 MILLION will lose. For my blog buddies in other countries, make sure you are voting…because it is not just the US that’s headed towards a shitshow.
  • And speaking of that piece of shit, here’s one way to oppose his Cabinet of Polluters who “have terrible records on environmental issues, and have sided with the oil, gas and mining industries over our climate, the American people and public health.” BTW? Give to the National Resources Defense Council – they get shit done. As a side note, here’s how Obama transformed clean energy in the West.
  • While it is small, it’s a step in the right direction for mental health services in PortlandStill a long-ass way to go, but I gotta applaud anything that’s being done to help rather than hinder.
  • I loved reading how one company completely eliminated food waste. RAD! However I found it (sadly) laughable that my husband’s employer, a large natural grocery chain who claims to be at the leading edge of sustainability, still is throwing away TONS of food because of their poor practices like insisting staff make food at the end of the day rather than allow foods to run out at night – not to mention giving scratch and dent food to employees rather than food banks. Yikes.
  • And speaking of Portland, Friday night marks the first episode of the final season of our beloved Grimm, filmed here and where the real life versions of Nick and Juliette fell in love in real life (they’re engaged!). Yay for a great Portland-filmed show that pays tribute to the beauty of our are and brought a creative, exciting plot – something that other recent shows – the one in particular that, as one journalist pointed out, wasn’t laughing with us but rather nastily promoted a stereotype of the city – have completely failed at. I love my hometown, and as a native, I am fiercely protective of where I have come from.

“In the city of, roses
Streets lined with red brick, and green branches
Weren’t rainy days that might seem bleak
Our rain is the paint that makes the land lush and the folks unique
City parks, wild berries, and old bridges
A rolling river bringing goods from the sea
A mountain hooded in snow silently watching over me
And everywhere I go these roots are with me, and I find,
I take along a little piece of heaven, with these memories of mine
From the city of roses, city of roses”

~’City of Roses’ (Esperanza Spalding)



2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I LOVED Grimm! When my husband and I were house hunting I would constantly send him links to houses I found online and on more than one occasion he wrote back “We cannot buy a house because you think it looks like something on Grimm”

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    1. Hahaha that’s something I would like in a house as well… sadly the price of housing has gone up so much in Portland in the last few years that those houses run for about a million bucks these days 😦


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