Week in Pictures

While my back isn’t up for true hiking, I was dying for a nature walk so we loaded up the dog and drove over to Cathedral Park on an awesome foggy day and enjoyed the beauty of the St John’s Bridge. Ahhh…

In a moment of optimism as we prepare for tomorrow’s ERA biopsy and upcoming cycle 6, picked up this li’l cardboard book at Garden Fever, my favorite local garden store.

Duck house construction is fully underway (top photo) and continuing to get inspiration as to how to incorporate more features (bottom 3 photos). The frame is made completely from scrap wood, with 2×4’s in the garage (plus a few donated by a neighbor), 4×4 posts from the old compost bin cut down to make the legs, and the remainder of the plywood we had from our kitchen remodel to create the subfloor. The only thing we’ve purchased thus far is the roll of hardware cloth, woo hoo! Next up is getting some remnant peel & stick tile for the floor, sanding the old fence rail scraps in the garage and using them to make siding, build the ramp for the ducks to get out, and the roof and doors, of course 🙂

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