Week in Pictures

Now, time to focus on the positives of the past week…

A bunch of blobbing going on over the holiday weekend, binge watching more LOST (we’re up to season 4 and I’m still amazed at how much I don’t remember from the first time I watched it 10 years ago…re-watching the love story between Desmond and Penny was so lovely), and watching my favorite holiday movie for the millionth time, The Family Man, with Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage (I know, I’m watching a happy family dream, go figure…).


Earlier in the week, we got our two new YIMBY tumbler composters and Dan – thanks to the help of a great YouTube video we found – was able to get both of them put together in about 90 minutes. While it sucks having my back fucked up and unable to do a lot of normal motions, I didn’t mind being useless in this particular assembly scenario, heh. Thank goodness he was able to do this though, as with the snow, the assholes at Waste Management decided without contacting customers that they would skip Tuesday customers two weeks in a row, telling us we could put our compost in “cardboard boxes” or “paper bags” in the meantime (while refusing to credit us for 2 weeks of missed pickups in a row). Yeah, because rats definitely don’t know how to tear through paper bags that have been sitting in the rain. Pricks.). So after the stank of our compost piling up with nowhere to go since we’d just torn apart our giant cedar bin that was in the backyard (well, I used the drill to unscrew things as again, my fucking back injury…), I was able to get these delivered a few days ago. and we’re just starting to add to it. Yay! I love these ones as, A) they were only $90 each, B) they don’t touch the ground so aren’t easy for rodents to access, plus you can put a bucket under it and pour finished compost into it rather than shoveling it out!, and  C) being tumbler style there’s no stirring, just a couple of spins after adding more food waste/yard stuff to it, and D) there’s a divider in each so when one side is full, you add to the other side. Noice!

With my back being so effed up and some other technical difficulties, our plans this year to do experiential gifts got a bit screwed (our basketball game tickets for next week’s Kings/Blazers game had to be sold as there’s no way I could sit for 2-3 hours anywhere, much less a hard surface like at a stadium), so we decided to do stockings for each other, and the rule was that everything had to support the local economy and be as sustainable as possible. For the most part we did a great job – Dan’s two t-shirts are designed locally and made in the USA, the three little birds recycled metal fence decoration he got me were from a local artisan as were the sweets I got him, the mini-cheesemaking kit is from Urban Cheesecraft here in town, and the skull & crossbone screw covers for my husband’s bike tubes, while not locally made, came from a local woman-owned bike shop that does free workshops in the LGBTQ community. It was nice to have something positive after the thyroid lab tests messed me up a lot.


Food on this holiday weekend turned out most excellent I must say. On Christmas Eve, we cooked up our home-corned beef (made from sustainable Oregon grass-fed beef) that had been brining for 12 days, in a bed of carrots from the garden, leeks and garlic, serving it with tender sauteed organic cabbage with local bacon and an awesome organic sweet potato parsnip buttermilk mash. On Christmas morning (pictured above) we made gluten-free Jamaican banana fritters for breakfast, serving it with local bacon, organic blueberries we picked/froze this past summer, and organic peanut butter (and of course, Prana Chai with almond milk, my standby for Sunday mornings). And for our early Christmas dinner, we made chicken mole, using this recipe as the base but taking some of the chili and other whole food ingredients from this recipe as well. SO SO SO good! Ironically, I forgot about making a dessert as I’d made banana chocolate chunk cookies for Dan’s team at his work, then came home to realize I’d used up one of my key ingredients to make truffles (duh, dark chocolate) so I made a charcuterie plate instead with local cheeses, homemade g/f crackers and the red peppers we grew, roasted and marinated this fall. YUM. And we’ve got leftovers which is very, very good.

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