Thyroid Hell

Oh yeah, happy holidays. So did I mention that along with the other hell I’ve been dealing with that for the past few days my throat has had a constant swollen feeling like I’m choking (but not visibly swollen and no issues swallowing)? Basically it’s fine when I stand up but when I lie down on any side it feels like I’ve got something pushing up against it, and it’s made it terrifying to try to get comfortable, much less fall asleep and stay asleep. That and the LDN giving me cottonmouth at night as it’s side effect have made evenings less than restful, and now to the point of minor panic.

So Friday I called my primary care doctor and being it was the 23rd, she was not in the office, so I had to go to her backup who from a medical standpoint drew my blood and that was it, since there was no swelling to be seen or felt. I did get some cupping and acupuncture and light massage on my back, neck and shoulders, but medically the decision was to check my thyroid.  I also got in to one of my massage therapist’s backups and had a really excellent massage that I wish I could get daily on those sore areas (the front and side

So with that, my results came in the next day, Christmas Eve. As we were watching the final scenes of Love Actually (my favorite holiday movies consist of that, The Family Man, and naturally, It’s a Wonderful Life, around 11:30pm my phone beeped for an incoming email. Thinking it was our Mum trying to connect with us since we had issues with the call going through to her side of the world, I checked it and saw that it was the lab results that the hospital automatically emails out when they come in.

The results? In just 3 weeks (with 2 of those weeks on estrogen), my TSH has tripled from 2.5 to 7.5.

Yes, 7 point fucking 5.

My T3 is normal, my T4 is slightly under range, and my Peroxidase (antibodies) have increased to 323. Thanks, Delestrogen. 

My TSH hasn’t been that high since April when it was 8.4 during cycle 3. It’s never tripled during a cycle, so I’m fucking terrified to put it mildly. And don’t even ask me how the rest of Christmas Eve night went, as the ugly cry was in high gear. How can I ever expect an embryo to implant – ERA-receptive uterus or not – if my immune system goes apeshit every time there is estrogen in it? It feels like I’m a walking firewall against

The best part? No one to fucking talk to. Everyone is off this week.

And now? George Michael is dead. Fucking hell.

So while I try to deal with THAT, here is something beyond his beautiful music (god I loved Kissing A Fool back in the day…) that’s for celebrating, not mourning:

17 thoughts on “Thyroid Hell

  1. Oh bloody hell! What a shite few days/months/2016!!! My thyroid also went haywire this year thanks to the 2 MC and I got up to 8.1!! It came down again within about 6 weeks of meds but on my last check I was still too high. These thyroids are annoying!! The only bright light through this is that there’s time before your cycle to bring it down a bit. As for having no one to talk to, I’m still here!! Chat to meeeeee! 😜

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    1. Unfortunately I highly doubt we’ll be able to bring down my TSH to under 2.0 by February… it took a couple of months just to get it to 2.1 from 5 and then last month it went up to 2.5 with a stronger prescription and no hormones inside me. Still going forward with the endometrial receptivity test but not sure if there is a relationship between a jacked up thyroid and the results… hopefully there is not. My RE only does transfers every other month so ERA results, which should arrive by the 17th or 18th of January, will tell me if I need to do another mock cycle (pre/post receptive) or if I’m receptive. My doctor’s next cycle is the first two weeks of February, so it’s almost a sure thing that I won’t be able to do a cycle in February and will have to wait until April. The interesting thing is I have to be on estrogen to test my thyroid’s reaction to estrogen, but thus far it has not shown any type of consistency as it was half this level before cycle 5.

      Haha yes I know you’re here I just meant talking to a medical professional so I’m not just sitting here taking the same meds for nothing 😦

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      1. What kind of doctor only does transfers every two months??!! I’ve never heard of this before. I can’t imagine why your thyroid would affect endometrial receptivity but I have no experience in this so I will stick to optimism. So much to consider!! What’s happening with the adoption? That’s starting to seem less complicated (though I’m sure it’s not).


        1. Actually I found out it’s fairly common that doctors will do IVF transfers in batches when they are small clinics.

          The Ethiopia adoption folks told us it would be another two to four years so I don’t even think about that one anymore as a reality even though we’ve spent $15,000 towards it already. As far as domestic adoption, that is an average 13+ month wait (the laws here only allow open adoption, so basically you have to hope somebody picks you amongst the many couples in the book they show the mothers giving their babies up) after you have all your paperwork in. Even though we did training through our other International agency, agencies don’t accept each other’s training so we have to do another $500 training in February. Once that’s completed you turn in your paperwork, financials, etc. and start dishing out the big money – domestic adoption is $30,000 which is not money we have right now, not even on credit card. So my hopes were we would know what’s going on with our last round of DEIVF ($2000/transfer) before having to potentially come up with $5-6,000 for the first deposit on domestic, since it’s not like we can get our money back once we spend it.

          Being that I’m turning 43 in January and my husband turns 50 in September, all of these clocks are ticking very very loudly.


        2. That’s so insane that they don’t do transfers all the time. My doctor just shuffles you in to the schedule according to when you ovulate and goodness knows you can’t predict that (without meds). Your doctor’s situ sounds as though it will just add to your stress!!

          The international adoption sounds pretty awful too although I guess they have these measures to stop people trafficking or whatever. Such a shame it’s so intensely expensive. So much money regardless of which road you take…


        3. With Ethiopia it’s not actually the background checking that is taking so long. From what I’ve learned the government there is no longer really supportive of international adoptions so they drag their feet, even though there are over four million orphans in Ethiopia needing homes. Our application has been sitting on their desk for a year in Addis Ababa, already approved and just waiting for someone to process it and match us with a child. Once we’re matched with a child then it’s another 18 months before we can actually bring her home. So we could be looking as long as five years, and ironically in 5 years we will be beyond the maximum age for international adoption in Ethiopia… so how much are they going to really want to give us a child even though we’ve spent all this money already…

          Every single aspect of this sucks, not one thing do I have any control over which is super tough for a personality like mine.


  2. Yuck. Sounds like a particularly rough time. The transfers every other month is such a bummer. Must be a super small clinic. Sounds like you are doing everything and beyond to have the child(ren) you so desire and deserve. It is truly unfair that these hurdles keep being put in front of you. It makes me want to scream at the universe. I have great hope is that it is all just leading up to your deepest joy just up ahead. That one day these will feel like little hurdles not mountains.


  3. What dose of LDN are you on again? You may have told me, but I forgot. What thyroid medication are you on again? What was your free t3 value? The ladies of the Thyroid Issues and Concerns Babycenter board advocate getting thyroid labs during an IVF cycle and I’m glad you’re doing that. Do people increase thyroid medication dose during an IVF cycle?


    1. 3.0 LDN, taking compounded T3/T4 at 22.5/130. Results: TSH 7.5, T4 0.81, T3 3.0, Peroxidase 323.5.

      The best part is my doctor is now on vacation this week and the clinic is trying to tell me I can’t get any updates until next week, or that I need to come see another doctor there which is total crap as all I need is a prescription update from my existing doctor who actually knows what’s going on with me. I’m going to talk to my RE tomorrow but he’s super old fashioned and doesn’t care about antibodies or T3, only TSH and T4, so I’m sure he’d just put me back on synthroid.

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      1. That’s right – thanks for repeating your dosages. You need a dose increase stat. One option is to increase LDN to 4.5 mg. Or is the 3.0 giving you too much sleep disturbance? Increasing LDN to 4.5 would help your thyroid function better. Given your history of leaps in TSH, have you considered switching to NDT such as Armour/WP Thyroid? I think we talked about this in another thread and I recall you didn’t like it. It may be something to reconsider. Maybe increasing dose to 4.5 and increasing compounded med dose will help? My RE missed my thyroid. Yeah, most endos are old school with subscribing synthroid. It’s the most prescribed medicine in America. I think you would feel better if your free t3 was above 3.5. Your free t4 needs to be optimal, too, preferably above 1.0.


        1. Yeah actually Armour was less successful than Synthroid so I had gone back to Synthroid last year, up to 150 mcg, but still never got below 3.9 on that high dose which is why my ND moved me to the compounded T4/T3 which by October had me down to 2.1.


        2. Get this – my ND just emailed me and simply said ‘obviously what I’m prescribing isn’t working so you should just ask your RE to help you’ – basically abandoning me. So for the third time in 2 years I have to go find another doctor and do it right as I am in the midst of a mock cycle. Going to switch myself back to Synthroid tomorrow 150 and see if that helps in a month or if I need to get up to 175. I just don’t trust anyone anymore.


        3. What a shitty response from ND. I’m so sorry. How frustrating. I, too, have been to many doctors. I would try to get to 4.5 mg on LDN. LDN helped my thyroid work better. I think you could make the case for 4.5 mg. Could you get a script for Cytomel for the t3 support from your RE?


        4. I don’t know, I see my RE today so I will find out about I can guarantee that he won’t prescribe LDN. My antibodies have only gone up being on it, so I need to find another primary care doctor as well as an endocrinologist who have a strong focus on thyroid health, as I can’t be self-diagnosing anymore. Thanks for your support 🙂


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