Here is our bathroom towel shelving unit we made from repurposed wood (original inspiration here) – the base is leftover plywood from our new kitchen countertop cut, shelves are from miscellaneous scrap wood, stained with leftover stain we used to stain our kitchen floors and countertops, and the existing hook that was in the wall before that. Lesson learned? The measurements from the blog that inspired us were for rolled up hand towels – not full size bath towels. So it’s a pretty tight squeeze as you can see, but it works – and beats storing in the bedroom closet!

In two weeks, 2016 will be toast. Amen to that. It’s supposed to get down to 21F here tonight (-1C) and it got just above freezing today to melt the sidewalk snow a bit (amen to the jug of EcoTraction we have, which safely makes sidewalks and stairs easier to navigate in the ice and snow – without the environmental- and animal-endangering effects of salt). I’m thinking about what the year has been, and what we may face (good and bad) in the coming year, and meditating.

In the meantime, here are some things that address the five core areas I try to address in my blog – simplicity, discovery, sustainability, equity and creativity. Enjoy.

  • If the Pool is Warm in Paris, Thank the Washing Machine – what a great example of reusing heat from computer servers and sewage to save energy to provide a neighborhood resource.
  • Recently I have enjoyed reading fellow blogger Fox on an Island and her homesteading, foodie and nature-loving adventures up in BC. She also has two books for sale on Etsy, emphasizing her vegan and vegetarian recipes that look SOOO tasty, among other goodies. Even in our own omnivorous world here in Stumptown, we go veg 2-3 days a week – and really dig recipes that remind us that meat is a treat, not a staple, for living. Support a blogger, y’all!
  • So while it’s been a bit since I’ve talked about anything parenting-related due to this latest bout of anxiety and depression following round five’s failure, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things in hopes of getting me back on a positive track as we close up the new year and hope for new life to join us in 2017. So when my husband and I read this article about Worldschooling as a form of educating your kid(s)? Count us in! We admit, as prospective parents we don’t agree with many of the overprotective, overstructured norms of today’s world and this video comparing American vs European parenting styles is spot-on to what I see here in the US.
  • Anyone else feel weird when people use the term food porn? I fucking hate it, no pun intended. And finally, I looked out there to see if I was the only one, and found this blog post by a food writer that articulated my frustration. As the author stated, “The problem I have is simply that food is not p–n…I firmly do not support what the p–n industry represents, for 1000 different reasons that I won’t detail out here.  Because lest anyone ever forget, the p–n industry is that — a multi-billion dollar industry.  An industry that most often operates in the shadows.  An industry known for rampant abuse.  An industry that strips men and women from the amazing, beautiful, meaningful, and full context of who they are, and instead minimizes them to become an “object” of lust or affection.  An industry that makes bank on objectifying people.”
  • The Best Companies To Work For as a Fertility Patient is a great piece from Jake at FertilityIQ, the most thoughtful website that provides thorough, verified patient reviews of fertility clinics. And you’ll see from the comments that there are also a lot of assholes out there, as LinkedIn gets more and more like Twitter every day with trollish commenters. Ugh.
  • And one of my new favorite homesteader websites? Big Family on a Small Farm – check out the photos, articles and awesome instructional videos. We found it investigating feeders for chickens and ducks (more blogging on that topic to come soon as we’re deep in planning mode), and love getting ideas and perspectives from folks around the country on how they make a homestead special.

“I am a part of all that I have met.”
~Alfred Lord Tennyson

2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I absolutely love the towel rack, it’s beautiful 😊

    I had seen that report about companies with best IF coverage (and other benefits) it’s v. interesting. My org offers no limit, but 6 rounds of IVF in a lifetime. I think the limits of $20000-$30000 sounds generous, but actually is not much when IF clinics charge insurance companies almost double what a self pay patient would pay. My insurance bill for 3 rounds of ICSI was about $90k…waaaay over those limits listed in this article. But then again, I’d never look a gift horse in the mouth, and at least some coverage is better than none. I think parading some of these coverage plans as good can be misleading. And you were right about the comments…very interesting!!! I try not to get involved with these convos but I do spend a lot of time reading people’s opinions, it’s fascinating. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yeah we have zero coverage so have paid over $30,000 out of pocket already… my husband’s company will pay for you to have a sex change but could give a crap about a much more common issue of infertility.


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