Nothing like everything freezing over the day after a bit of snow. I was a total shut-in because of the icy sidewalks (good grief I am dying dying DYING to sit down at the table rather than eat standing up, ugh!!),  sending my husband out morning to shoot these on my behalf as this is my favorite part of icy mornings, and cuddling on the sofa with Ruby-doo. Today the melting and just before the rain, allowed a very short walk before Netflix took over.

Anyhoo, here are some things of interest I thought I’d share as we count down to the end of this year…

  • Still Like Air I Rise has been one of my favorite quotes to keep me strong during the challenges of this year. And you know, they’ve got a t-shirt for it along with other empowering words for women on the Three Little Birds site on Etsy. Check it out!
  • After watching it die to the ground last winter, this year we were smart and brought our cuban oregano plant inside where it is flourishing next to a window. It’s such an awesome looking potted herb, and I can’t wait to try cooking with it…it’s so pretty I keep forgetting it’s edible!
  • I hate to bring up our next president but it’s important to stay vigilant as we enter the Age of Asshole, including the dirty deplorables he’s appointed thus far who could give a shit about the Earth and have shown over and over to piss all over it.
  • Oh and this is something that is RIGHT up our alley – worldschooling. Dan & I were just talking about this being our dream to do as parents.
  • Ducks are in our future for the spring, and as we slowly but surely build them a little house and place to waddle around, we’ve found constructive inspiration reading this and this, and picked up Duck Eggs Daily, a super awesome guide as we – ahem – get all our ducks in a row…?

“If what are miscalled the lower animals were as silly as man is, they would all perish from the earth in a year.”
~Mark Twain, 1898

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