Week in Pictures

No this is not me, it’s from the website of my new physical therapist in North Portland who runs Posture to the People. I had my first appointment with her (which I have to schedule during my husband’s available times since he has to drive me and help me in/out of the car which is brutal – I pretty much do a backwards crab walk into the car just below the seat to get my head in then use my arms to push up to the seat – fun stuff let me tell you) and it was really interesting to physically see how off balance I am because of this injury. Laying on my back like the person in the picture, this was one of the exercises we did that was harder for me because of choreography than anything else (squeeze ball between knees, push heels into wall, press lower back into table, inhale through nose and exhale into balloon, while also having right arm up and pushing it further to the corner of the room – whew!) but it was a good first start. I’ll be back tomorrow which I’m looking forward to, as I can’t do these exercises easily at home – even a firm bed like we have is no comparison to a PT table, and since I can’t lay on the floor (no way would my husband or I be able to peel me off with my back like this), I’m going to her twice a week. Amen for our insurance covering 45 visits a year for this! Plus she’s cool and funny and I don’t feel weird if I drop an f-bomb when something hurts ๐Ÿ™‚
I finally managed a way to lay on the sofa and watch a movie rather than being stuck in our bedroom when I need to rest. That being said I made the poor decision to watch the entirety of It’s A Wonderful Life (y’all know how long that is…) on my back and paid for it with severe stiffness on my bad (right) side this morning. Sigh…btw this is my favorite quote…
See a pattern here? Yeah not exactly doing much exciting stuff. Did two phone screens and a telephone coaching session (since I can’t sit at a cafe) lying flat on my back, and another screen pacing the floor, so I managed to watch Money Monster on Amazon streaming (I love our SmartTV, it’s brilliant) which was SO good. Way better and more interesting of a plot than the previews made it sound.
Well I do live in Portland, and so with that means there is a Hipster Santa at the mall downtown. Sigh. Will be so glad when Portlandia stereotypes die down. Native Portlanders like me remember when Portland just 20-25 years ago was more known for having more strip clubs and bookstores per capita of any major US city…
Oh yeah. And because 2016 didn’t suck enough, for the second time in the year we became car owners (longtime readers of my blog know that my husband got his first ever driver license this year and I went without a car for almost 9 years before last December), our car was hit while my husband was out picking up my thyroid prescription at the compounding pharmacy. Fuckin’ A. They were both turning left from a double turn lane one way street and the other guy who was on his right cut into his lane and there was no way for my husband to stop in time. He was pretty shaken up as this was his first accident, and I was relieved he was OK (and that with my back injury that I wasn’t in the car, to be perfectly honest). So tomorrow we’ll find out the damages, and can only hope that the insurance companies agree it was not my husband’s fault because we have to fork out a $1,000 deductible for repairs. Apparently the universe thinks we are made of money with IVF, ER visits, and car accidents. Happy fucking 2016, my ass. Let the new year get here, and soon.

Oh yes and the mice have issued an official “fuck you” to us as well. Remember the beautiful compost bin we built out of scrap wood and lined with hardware cloth (picture at left)? Well unbeknownst to us, those little rodent fuckers not only chew through wood but through hardware cloth. We’d noticed this summer that the pile was sinking a bit quicker than what could be attributed to science, and in the fall found that after securing everything a bit more, they got aggressive and just started chewing through the wood. Today I found this new hole (picture at right). So, at the end of the season we’ll be buying one of those tumbler style bins that sit off the ground. ARGH!

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