Week in Pictures

Well, our DIY kitchen remodel is visibly progressing!!! At left, 2 weeks ago, and at right, today, with the repaired, primed and painted walls, a fresh coat of white on the ceiling and kitchen window frame, new ceiling trim/molding, and our delicious recoated fir floor, using a ultra-low VOC water-based espresso stain and similarly low-VOC finish. I think we spent more time obsessively watching instructional videos, as we were SO paranoid that we’d screw up! But I gotta say, I think it looks pretty sweet – and there has been absolutely NO smell in the house :). As a side note, we’ve never done this before, but after getting several quotes between $900-1,000 to do the job, so after a ton of internet research, the whole project cost us ~$150 and ~3 hours of product application time and that includes Dan’s treat, the orbital sander! I gotta say I can’t wait to put the portable burner unit away – no more cooking in the office/dining room, woo hoo!

My angst in the meantime revolves around the clutter – this is just one side of the office/dining room/nursery with kitchen  crap and the new sink below still in the box. Crossing my fingers  by the end of the week that’ll be in place and we’ll have running water once again in the kitchen!
Go Cubs Go!!! Hubby’s on the late shift so I’ve got a rare night to watch the World Series and yell at the TV without any funny looks 🙂 It’s just me, some bbq wings and the Cubbies finally winning a World Series game at home! While I’m a Northwest grrrl who is of course dedicated to the Mariners, the Cubs were always my dad’s favorite team and as next week marks 8 years since he died, it made me particularly teary eyed to see them win…especially with Pete Rose now on Fox Sports (hair dye and all), someone who along with Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt simply represents baseball for me growing up! They’re down 3-2, but there’s hope, right?!

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