Yes that’s a miniature horse my husband spotted in front of New Seasons on Lombard. (What, you’ve never seen a miniature horse walking down the street in the city? Sheesh!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Dang, November is next week. That’s awesome. Today we finally got some glorious fall weather after literally record-breaking rain in October (which is usually where the perfect Northwest weather abounds…instead it felt like January, ugh!!), and everyone is pretty giddy that I run into. Husband and I have been balls to the walls in this kitchen remodel, and over the last 2 1/2 days got the kitchen ceiling painted, the entire floor sanded/stained (3 coats)/finished (2 coats), as well as made the final cuts of wood we’ll be using to build the open base cabinet/work table thingamajig that’s replacing traditional built in cabinets. STOKED! We agreed that it *finally* feels like progress is happening – that we may someday occupy this kitchen again!! Let me tell you, there’s nothing like making French toast in your office /dining room/future nursery on a portable burner in a room that looks straight out of an episode of Hoarders (minus the mold/rot/rodent issues), having your refrigerator next to the sofa and the dishwasher acting as a massive end table, and washing your dishes in your tiny square Ikea bathroom sink (to avoid going out the front and around to the backdoor to access the basement’s larger laundry room sink) to motivate you to move move MOVE on the projects.

Anyhoo, here are the links that caught my eye this week…

  • I wanted to start out with beauty and show you 8 of the Oldest Forests in the World – so, so gorgeous. Take this with you into your weekend.
  • Now I gotta get serious. Native Americans non-violently occupy land to protest environmental damage and get tear-gassed by the police and treated as criminals. The Bundy Assholes violently occupy land to protest their being held accountable for their illegal actions while simultaneously trashing one of the most beautiful wildlife refuges in Oregon – and get off scot-free? Total bullshit. It terrifies me that our justice system let all of the human trash free from that lawsuit while those trying to protect the water supply get shot with mace and rubber bullets. May 11/9/09 go to Hillary Clinton. We absolutely positively cannot have hate occupying the highest office in the country.
  • On a different note, when you get immersed in DIY you get super goofy excited about things that you never would have imagined. For us? Learning about the Air Sled (check out this video at 1:30 to see it in action) to easily move heavy ass appliances like refrigerators and protect hardwood floors. With our floor finish currently curing? So, so rad.
  • Well I gotta say, I’m stunned that we are #8 here in Portland and San Diego of all places is higher up on the list of greenest cities in the US. In fact, I kinda refuse to believe it based on all the pollution I’ve seen in SoCal, including the year I lived in SD where I witnessed massive traffic, air conditioning galore, and wasteful living at its finest…hmm.
  • And finally, I must share with you the Silent Spring Institute website (and awesome app Detox Me). I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this until Chelsea Handler mentioned it on her show focusing on breast cancer and environmental toxins that affect breast (and overall) health. One of the best college courses I took was in environmental health, and this takes it to a whole new level what they’re doing.


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