Hell yes I voted! I’ve never missed an election since I was 18 years old and I don’t consider it geeky to read through the candidate/ballot book that comes in each time – it’s my responsibility as it is everyone over 18 to vote. (And they need to outlaw bans on convicted felons voting – you don’t lose your citizenship because you committed a crime, so you shouldn’t lose your right to vote, dammit!). Also, a big amen for Oregon’s vote-by-mail system! All states should have this and eliminate hanging chads, electronic booths, and all those things that create messes and make it harder for everyone to participate in the process!! May November 8th bring sanity to America and squash that sicko Republican once and for all while giving us our first woman at the helm – a strong, smart, caring, dedicated, experienced leader. I’M WITH HER!

Almost November!!!! Wow! I must say, I’m kinda relieved to be on the precipice of winter. The other day I stopped in at Portland Nursery to pick up a few raniculus and tulip bulbs to put in the ground (I was in a hurry when planting a bag of new bulbs last week and didn’t dig them in deep enough, much to the squirrels’ delight who dug them up and feasted….learned my lesson!), and walked by the seed section and just laughed. It’s nice to have a break from the garden, I gotta admit. My husband had the fun task of emptying out the full half of the compost bin into our former onion bed (this was a shit year for us with the onions, we learned way too late that the drip irrigation needs to NOT be in the onion beds as nothing started to grow til we pulled those out..and by then it was, well, last week and too cold, ugh), I got the cover crop onto two more beds, and now we’ve just got to walk over to the neighborhood nursery a few blocks away and grab a bale of straw to cover up the last one. The honeybees are drinking almost two quarts a week of sugar water since there are not many things left for them (on the dry days) to find nectar in as all the flowers pretty much are gone with exception of the dahlias which they could care less about.

So on that note, time to think about what’s going on in the world and share with y’all as I try to do most weeks…

  • Being off the hormone wagon for a while, that means one beautiful word is back in my life: WINE. One of our favorites is the Gamay Noir from Brick House Vineyards out of Newberg, Oregon, who has an amazing biodynamic philosophy and practice. On our way back from the coast, we stopped at a favorite eco-friendly vineyard, Torii Mor, and picked up a few bottles of wine and port (dang their port is spesh…and I’m not even a dessert wine kinda gal!). It was pouring down rain and we had been on the road so the older woman in the tasting room invited us in – including our pup who she gave a big bowl of water to. Gotta love that! Ruby slurped, then crashed for a nap on the floor while we tasted a bit. In my quest to remain open about infertility, I’d mentioned in conversation with her that we’d just gone through our 5th unsuccessful DEIVF round, and of all things…she had struggled with infertility and miscarriage (never ended up having kids). She had many kind words of support and I left there feeling all warm and fuzzy – and not just from the pinot noir.
  • And speaking of infertility, I found two really great articles related to the sociology of it all.  Pamela from Silent Sorority wrote, “Humans don’t do well with emotional discomfort of any kind. This has been proven time and time again, but no more so than with infertility. It can be traumatizing on many levels, but I guess I didn’t realize how difficult an infertility diagnosis can be on other people. They just do not want to see it, hear it or talk about it. They prefer to pretend it away. Are you cured? Boy, I sure hope so because that means I can finally relax.” Isn’t that the truth!! And in The Growing Movement to Destigmatize Infertility, there is more conversation with Pamela and others about the choice to talk about it, to not be ashamed, and to learn how to move forward after deciding to end treatment – a rare thing that I feel is still needing more publicity as the forums and blogs are full of “don’t give up!” cheerleading as if the more money you pour into it, the more you increase your odds of success.
  • Always a good sign when Oregon boys go Wild Feminist to support women and utter a collective Fuck You to Donald Trump.
  • Considering trying out the 30 Day Reset Autoimmune Diet Plan with my thyroid being such a mess including those miscarriage odds-increasing antibodies (remember, TTC gals if your RE says “your thyroid is fine, your TSH is fine” but you haven’t had the full panel that checks your antibodies? you’ve not fully checked things out…you don’t have to have symptoms to have these, and please learn from me, the more you find out NOW the better). Mind you this is a diet plan, not a “diet” – so just a good purification of the system to get myself feeling right…not a weight loss thing.
  • With our kitchen remodel in full swing, my last trip to the Green Depot to buy water based stain for the floor actually ended in no purchases…why? Because they referred me to Woodcrafters, my husband’s new favorite place, and sellers of low-VOC General Finishes water-based stain. Each coat dries in 2 hours which means we can get the staining done in one day, the finish done in another, and in 2 more days start moving everything back into the kitchen – including our homemade repurposed wood cabinets (pictures shall be posted at completion, I promise!). I primed and sanded, and did the first coat of iron gray (using locally made, ultra-low VOC Miller Acro Pure) the walls this week and husband in his neatness (I lack that gene when it comes to paint) did the final coat. Yay!
  • With Thanksgiving coming up but neither of us being turkey people (we did our traditional Thanksgiving 2 years ago so Dan could have the full American experience, Celebrating in Le Puget is inspiring us to think about adding some European flair at next month’s holiday dinner. Thanksgiving has always long been my favorite of all the holidays as it’s got nothing to do with religion and everything to do with love and gratitude. Hmm…
  • Oh, and Streets are for People First. ’nuff said.

4 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Voting is so important! In Australia, it is compulsory to turn up and get ypur name marked off, you don’t necessarily have to vote, you can scribble all over the paper or just submit it blank. I haven’t missed an election since I was 18, I research all the candidates and follow the election night coverage like the nerd I am, lol. But I figure that if I vote properly, I have the right to whinge if I don’t like who gets in! Haha


    1. Agree – my Australian husband told me about that as well along with all the events that come with going out to vote. The thing is here, it’s not always easy to get out to a polling place so here in Oregon they changed it to vote-by-mail so that everyone gets their ballot 2 weeks before the election giving everyone time to decide at home rather than have to take time off work or stand in line to vote. I dig my right to vote as well – but sadly so many do not.

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      1. Yes. We have the ‘democracy sausage’, usually a sausage bbq that is put on by the local charity to raise money, the polling booth I went to for my recent state election had the country women’s association selling cakes and cookies, a men’s shed selling handmade wooden boxes etc. We have polling places mostly at town halls and local schools. The schools are great as people with kids have access to the playground to keep them occupied while the parents vote.


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