Congratulations to Bob Dylan, for winning the Pulitzer Prize for Literature! To the idiots who think a songwriter isn’t on the same par as any other writer? Bite me.

Well, readers, it’s been a fucking week to put it lightly. Here’s five things to distract us infertiles from the crap we’re battling…

  • Did you know where baking soda comes from? Check it out!
  • Did you know you could have Hashimoto’s and not even know it? Read here!
  • Did you know that some folks do cool shit with whale carcasses? Click on this!
  • Did you know about this rad way to prepare sweet potatoes? Recipe here!
  • Did you know they make leggings from recycled plastic bottles? View here!

That’s it, y’all. That’s all I’ve got in me, but I do want to thank the many of you who commented on my shitty news in so many supportive ways (and those who know me offline and sent me sweet notes of support and empathy, you rock…). Trying hard to think about the fact that I never did hear from my mother during this entire embryo transfer cycle, and put that trial period (the “let’s see if she’s not as narcissistic as I thought she was…oh yeah she still is” one) behind me.

I’ll leave you with today’s kitchen demo events – ripping out the rest of our base cabinets including our kitchen sink, disconnecting and moving the dishwasher out of the way, and exposing some crap-ass walls…and some gorgeous bits of hardwood floors that were hiding under the ancient linoleum layer. Husband also managed to get all of the base cabinet (old growth doug fir 2×4’s from the salvage yard) wood cut and sanded, and will have them all stained by tomorrow, and perhaps much of the frame built before we skip town. Hmm, now I’m thinking maybe we need to get these damn floors re-done…? Amen for remodeling to distract a teeny tiny bit…

badass hubby with his two favorite kitchen bashing tools, the mallet and the sawzall (and yeah those are Goodwill bedsheets pinned up to keep the dust reined in a wee bit while we sawed the shit out of those countertops); and the emptiness where our kitchen counters, sink, dishwasher and upper shelves/cabinets once were. Fortunately all of our big appliances are ones I’ve purchased in the past 10 years since I bought the house, but we did spring for a new stainless apron-front sink and downsized to a smaller microwave so it’ll fit on one of the work table shelves (the latter for the exact price we sold the big one for on Craigslist, yay!). The only major expense will be our general contractor who will come in and do all the wall repair while we’re out of town, so that way when we come back I can primer and paint the walls, and we can start getting the new homemade work table/cabinets in and build the countertops. Good stuff.


3 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I took the bait. “… common hypothyroidism symptoms, such as fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, muscle weakness, constipation, irregular menstrual cycles, frequent infections, dry skin, and hair loss?” Yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes. Shit.

    “Has your thyroid lab test come back “normal” and your doctor tells you your thyroid is perfectly fine…” yes. I think I have Hashimoto’s disease. Damn the internet. :/

    Loved the photo of Dan with the saw! I can’t wait to see what the kitchen will loo like when you get it done!

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  2. I scheduled putting my house on the market as a distraction during the 2ww, and 2 weeks of real estate classes shortly after to keep my mind off either the anxiety of the brand new pregnancy, or the sadness of there not being a pregnancy. Either way, distractions work. We do what we must.
    And I love Bob Dylan. Like, real, true love from long, long ago.

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