Get Ready, Get Set…


Staying Chill on Transfer Eve

Today I actually forgot that tomorrow is our transfer day. We’ve been focused on other things and, beyond the mega amounts of pills and 6am shot in the ass, there hasn’t been too many reminders believe it or not.ย  Staying serene is our main focus – not getting negative about anything, talking about baby stuff in a positive way (which is helpful since I just got a copy of Fit Pregnancy magazine in the mail yesterday) and doing nice things for each other. Husband made an awesome warming chicken meatball soup, perfect for a cool fall evening (recipe is from Melbourne’s classic restaurant, Borsch, Vodka and Tears, and it’s SO easy to make!), and is taking good care of me ๐Ÿ™‚

Knowing I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow night and Thursday, I’ve had the crowbar and hammer out with my husband in the kitchen, pulling down some more shelves and enjoying the physicality – I heart unskilled labor, y’all. This of course means our dishes are now stacked up on one of the storage benches in the breakfast nook, and that all of our canned goods I’ve preserved this year are now occupying a section of our bedroom closet where shoes once were (my need to make room for quarts of applesauce did convince me that the black peeptoe slingback 4″ Calvin Klein heels I’ve worn twice in 5 years could finally go into the donation bag though…hope they find a good home, sniff sniff!)…it’d be pretty funny if someone were to walk in right now and see the food processor on the nightstand…

I’m so used to IVF being just a part of life that I mention it more casually these days. This morning it was to a new hire who I took out to breakfast, as we were talking about food restrictions and I mentioned something like, “yeah I’m off coffee and alcohol for a while as I’m having my 5th IVF transfer tomorrow”…all light and sunshiny, very informal, kind of odd now that I think back on it. But I practice, not for me but to get the world knowing that this is NOT something we have to keep private. It’s no longer the case that I tell people about it in hopes that they’ll support me, or that perhaps they might understand what I’m going through…rather now I just say it kind of like how a bunch of years back I started mentioning that I had a therapist appointment, rather than just “going to the doctor”, to take the stigma away from mental health. Hell, infertility affects one in eight couples, why should we act like we’re freaks of nature?

(And I know, trust me I know, I feel like a freak of nature with shit ovaries and a uterus that thus far hasn’t been the most cooperative even with the eggs of a 28 year-old being part of the equation…but I’m trying to move past that and love myself exactly as I am)


Plans for Tomorrow

These past few days we’ve just focused on I like to keep DEIVF transfer day busy but not nuts, so this is how we’ve got tomorrow mapped out:

  • 6AM – PIO shot + gaggle of pills (including Estradiol – hooray for no more Del shots – and adding 5 days of Bromelain for implantation help)
  • Go back to sleep and snuggle with husband and wake up lazily (my favorite!)
  • 9AM – Put on the lucky socks, necklace, and Bitch I’m Madonna tank top under my sweater, and go get breakfast atย Petite Provence (involving eggs, of course!)
  • 11:45 – Husband is having his first ever gentleman’s facial and Reiki across the street with the awesome soothing esthetician. (Of course he’ll have to wash his face before we go into the clinic since no scents are allowed in the clinic during transfer week, but I wanted him to have something wonderful just like I am to mellow out)
  • 12:30 – take 2nd estradiol pill (3X a day, only thing I preferred about the del shots were that they were only once every 3 days!)
  • 1:00 – Hour of Reiki for me (this was the BEST mental prep for DEIVF that I’ve ever had, more than acupuncture or therapy or anything else, my gal is amazing and so good at talking me in the right direction while giving me a warm and fuzzy place to get cared for)
  • 3:00 – pop 200 mg ibuprofen
  • 3:45 – pop a vicodin and a valium to get me nice and stoned for the procedure (for this tiny cervix I am forever grateful for these drugs that in real life I’d never touch)
  • 4:00 – drive to the clinic
  • 4:30 – pre-transfer acupuncture with my gal who will meet us there
  • 5:00 – DEIVF #5
  • 5:15 – post-transfer acupuncture
  • 6:30 – pop another estradiol and evening dose of prednisone
  • 7:00 – husband makes dinner and is generally at my beck and call as I do a modified version of bedrest for 24 hours (I hurt my back last time from trying the 48 hour version, I was just too stiff after all that couch time, and tweaked it big time)
  • 10:00 – pop 3 mg naltrexone for immunity help (through first trimester if it works)

Happily, husband is off on Thursday as well so I get spoiled more – perfect for Netflix ‘n’ chill since it’s expected to be gray and stormy all week….yay!

And yes, at 8DP5DT we’ll know if it was worth it. God it’d be nice to get a win.

To all my gals out there also in transfer week, or preparing for the next one…



15 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set…

  1. Good luck! Hoping for a smooth transfer day and a quick two week wait! Fingers crossed that everything works out perfectly!


  2. I’ve been terrible at keeping up with the blog world during our break, so I’m glad I saw this! I have to say, my favorite part of your schedule is that you’re wearing the Bitch, I’m Madonna shirt. Good luck tomorrow and may the embryos be ever in your favor. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. This time.

    On Tue, Oct 4, 2016 at 4:57 PM, The EcoFeminist wrote:

    > The EcoFeminist posted: ” Staying Chill on Transfer Eve Today I actually > forgot that tomorrow is our transfer day. We’ve been focused on other > things and, beyond the mega amounts of pills and 6am shot in the ass, there > hasn’t been too many reminders believe it or not. Staying ” >


  4. You got this girl! Please update us how the transfer went. I also have another question– did you have any symptoms last time before beta? xx sending you great luck


    1. Thanks! As far as symptoms go, it’s really hard to tell with all the hormones since they fake us out a lot, and four transfers in, I disregarded them all. I did however did my HPT the night before beta (7 1/2 days past 5 day transfer) and the morning of the test and had positives on both which helped. So I’m definitely going to be doing a HPT next week on days 7 and 8 as there’s really no use going in for a beta if the HPT is a negative, ya know?

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      1. So true! That’s interesting your beta is earlier than mine- mine is on 9dp5dt and maybe other people’s are on day 10. Interesting.


        1. Yeah, hcg starts to secrete at 7 days but usually doesn’t show up til day 8. So it’s also interesting seeing folks’ beta numbers because of the difference. It’s funny though, a good FRER home pregnancy test will tell us either way ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I know that I don’t know you IRL but you have definitely been in my thoughts! I am sending you lots of positive vibes and my fingers are definitely crossed for you. I ALWAYS do an HPT well before my beta. In my experience, Day 7 is the magic day where I get the faint line…..

    You are about a week ahead of me for your transfer. So I can’t wait to hear in about a week that you got your positive…and are well on your way to a full-term, healthy baby (isn’t it odd how we now have to qualify exactly what we want? Not just a pregnancy but a healthy, living, full-term baby? #Reality)

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