Here comes October, y’all…so it’s time to ignore the pinkwashers like Susan G Komen and the pink ribbon brigade telling you that if you put on a ribbon you’ll change the world, which you won’t. Instead, throw your support behind the awesomeness of the Breast Cancer Action Network who know their shit and actually focus on truth and research – without accepting sponsors from the companies that profit most off of breast cancer. I’ve donated a portion of my profits to them, that’s how much I believe in them.

I’m feeling chatty today so here’s some stuff on my mind this week that has nothing to do with infertility. Woo hoo! Enjoy! Respond!

  • Well this year we’ve had a ton of tomatoes as I’d hoped we would from our 20+ bushes. HOWEVER…we’ve also had a strange-ass spring and summer, that started off with 100 degree temps in early June (just after we’d planted my starts that I’d raised from seeds, so we lost half of them and had to go buy starts, ugh), then weird cool patches including rain on and off through the summer interspersed with crazy hot spells. The good thing is that we did not have an issue with blossom end rot like the past few seasons, which I’ll attribute to the new drip irrigation system we put in. Yay! But instead my garden has punished me with a majority of my tomatoes suffering from yellow shoulder disorder. Argh! For those not familiar, this is when the “shoulders” of the tomatoes are green and yellow, giving them a bit of a mottled appearance. Fortunately they’re still salvageable for marinara canning, but not for simple snacking. GRRR! So, next year a soil test will be in order before we plant again, and definitely not going to do the same Amish Paste seeds that I did this year, since it seems these ones are particularly susceptible. Oy!
  • Many who watch The Voice know that the fabulous Alicia Keys is a new judge, and that this year she’s decided to forego makeup. Back in May, she wrote a piece for Lenny called Time To Uncover, which talked about what brought her to this decision to stop wearing makeup and start being fearless about who she is, inside AND out. Being a woman whose cosmetics consists of a sole, aging tube of MAC Paramount red lipstick and an equally old matching liner (the latter which ends up being used by my husband and I to write love notes on the bathroom mirror to each other more than anything), I’ve always been saddened by the sheer masses of women who say they have to “put on their face” or “can’t go out without makeup” or, the biggest myth of all, think that “makeup is good for my skin”. Growing up, I liked playing with colors on my face, but always saw it as decorative, not a way to make myself presentable to the outside world. I never thought I was ugly without makeup. Sure I had the occasional zit, but when older girls and women would tell me that I needed foundation to take care of my skin or that it was needed to “even it out”, I just looked quizzically at them. What the hell is wrong with my face, just as it is, with its freckles and imperfections and unique “me” to it? Sure, I had my black eyeliner phase (hell, I was a girl who wore black in the late 80’s, it was practically mandatory!) and I still on special occasions like my red lipstick, but for the most part I wake up in the morning and do just five things: 1) brush my hair, 2) put on my contact lenses, 3) apply SPF 15 moisturizer, 4) dab on some homemade deodorant, and 5) brush my teeth and floss. I have no ‘regimen’ and am horrified that so many women actually think they are ugly without makeup, that they are not good enough to go out in public without these masks, as Alicia so aptly put it. One of her songs she mentioned went as follows: “In the morning from the minute that I wake up  / What if I don’t want to put on all that makeup  / Who says I must conceal what I’m made of  / Maybe all this Maybelline is covering my self-esteem.” Again, I’m not saying that anyone who wears makeup is insecure. As I said before, decoration is one thing. Covering up because you feel less of a woman without makeup? That’s another. Too many women will also then say “oh well your skin is perfect, you don’t HAVE to wear makeup like I do” – which again is bullshit. Why? A) My skin is not perfect. B) My skin is not in terrible shape though either. Why? Because I don’t cover it up all the time – I let it breathe, and simply focus on keeping it moisturized and protected from the sun. And C) No one HAS to wear makeup. It’s a choice. I’ve never been given shit for not wearing any, and have done just fine in my personal and professional life. In 2013, I wrote a blog post about Redbook, an example of a magazine filled with messages to women that are harmful, shaming women about their looks and their age, while selling food and “beauty” products (I put that in quotes because beauty ain’t got a thing to do with Stuff) that are full of toxic ingredients. We need for both girls and women to know that they are already beautiful in their own skin, and that if they want to wear makeup, they should be doing it to adorn – not to cover up.
  • On a totally different note, I did another DIY project this week – this time the t-shirt chop shop, making a couple of my existing t-shirts WAY more comfy in the process. Basically you’re cutting out the collar and seams of t-shirts you have that are cut for a man’s body instead of a woman’s, then pulling on those cut edges gently to let them curl, and…voila! Took me 5 minutes and my two shirts are WAY cuter!
  • Well, our gal Hillary managed to bring up climate change during the first debate while, not shockingly, that racist sexist prick Trump ignored it completely (telling 80% of the lies that night, the fact-checker sites reported).  I am seriously baffled at those who are still behind him and equally baffled at those who were Sanders supporters who are stating they’re going to NOT vote, or vote for an alternate party (thereby giving more votes to Trump). Did no one see WTF happened in 2000 when Nader got such a large chunk of the normally Democratic vote? Fuuuuck. This is our planet here, y’all.
  • And, last but not least, I gotta show you this from Western Australia: fish that sing. Dammit, that’s cool.



4 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Growing tomatoes always seems to be way trickier than I thought. Mark and I are moving house next week to a place with a big sunny backyard. As spring is upon us here, I was hoping to put a whole bunch of tomato plants in and hopefully have heaps of lovely tomatoes for summer. Might have to do some research and find out what this yellow shoulder disorder is. Oh dear. Glad most of yours are alright!

    I absolutely love Alicia Keys and her attitude towards makeup! But I do find myself caught between the “No makeup! I am awesome as I am!” camp and the “red lipstick makes me feel brave” one. I’ve always been jealous/awestruck/inspired by/etc etc those women who go about the world beautiful and barefaced. That kind of courage is absolutely awesome in a world where our worth as women is so often (and so so so wrongly!) defined by how we look. I love the idea that choosing to wear no makeup is a bit of a middle finger to societal expectations and beauty standards. Yeah rebellion!!

    But I am a bit of a hypocrite. I wear red lipstick every day, even now that I’m elbow deep in buckets of sausage mince, splattered with blood and meat and surrounded by dudes who look at the inside of cows all day. I don’t actually know why I wear it. But I dont think I have Alicia Keys courage to go without it. It’s just how my face looks, y’know? I don’t look or feel like myself without it. I think part of it right now is probably that wearing it reminds me and everyone I work with that I am a woman in a super male-dominated industry. Which feels a little bit rebellious too.

    Such interesting thoughts. think I might have to write a blog post about this sometime.

    Totally agree with you though. We should be teaching young women that they dont need to cover up and that they are fierce and brave and fantastic and capable (because screw beautiful. there are so many better things to be than beautiful,) exactly as they are.

    Re Hilary & Trump.
    I watched the debate. Wow. She could have kept her mouth shut completely and Trump still would have hung himself with his words. I am so so worried that there are actually people out there who believe the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. I really do hope all the Bernie fans vote Hilary. ANYONE is better than the disaster that is Donald Trump. Though for the record I think she’s pretty fantastic.

    Enjoy your weekend! ❤


    1. I do get the red lipstick thing, I do! It was my signature for so long some would ask what was wrong when I didn’t! Time just passed and I got less and less focused on it and now if I *do* wear it folks comment on how different I look hahaha. And girl you rock it with confidence out there! It’s a signature piece for you just like a great pair of boots or handbag… just maybe consider once in a while checking in on yourself and making sure you still know you’re a badass even without it 🙂


  2. Thanks for the info on Breast Cancer Action! I had never heard about them before. My brother has worked for various cancer charities and has worked with a breast cancer charity – he gets pissed off with ‘pinkwashing’.

    As for Trump…I can’t even express words about his thoughts on climate change – or should I say zero thoughts. I can’t vote here, but it terrifies me to think there is even a remote possibility that he could win. He definitely won’t make America great again. OK I’m going to not say anymore….I think he might actually make my blood pressure rise a little just thinking about future possibilities of Trump as president 🙂


    1. Yeah his mere presence makes many blood pressures rise for sure – this is a country where two movie stars became California governors already and one of them became president. Anything is possible if folks don’t vote… I’ll be a mess on election night…!


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