My F*cking Thyroid

The Results

My thyroid results came in from Monday’s blood draw, 3 weeks after starting delestrogen, 3 weeks after changing my thyroid meds to the compounded T4/T3 version to better address what Synthroid (levothyroxine) could not.

  • TSH: In 3 weeks it’s gone down from 5.2 to 3.9.
  • T4 free & T3 free: In acceptable range
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies:  SKYROCKETED from 19 to 308.9
  • Thyroidoglobulin Ab – SKYROCKETED from 2 to 205.83

So while my TSH is reducing as we want it to, it of course is nowhere near the 2.5 or lower that it needs to be at. So we’ve upped the T3/T4 compound I’m taking even more (not that over the next week it’ll do much) and added low-dose aspirin to my regimen to accompany the pre-transfer prednisone that I’d added (not recommended by my doctor, I asked him to prescribe it and he agreed since it woudn’t hurt) during Cycle 4 to help with immunity.

As far as the antibodies go, this coincided with starting delestrogen shots, a monstrous concern to me since some studies have shown antibodies can triple the chances of miscarriage. My ND said she’s never seen antibodies go up this dramatically in such a short time (even when I mentioned the parallel with my starting the shots), and thinks it may be Walgreen’s compounding filler ingredients (I’d requested we have it filled there because it’s close to my house), as sometimes pharmacies use gluten and/or soy fillers which can mess this up. So yesterday we got the new scrip from a pharmacy she works with regularly and I kicked off that higher dose this morning. I still don’t think that’s the only reason since it directly coincides with estrogen, but no way to truly know and I’m no expert.


Lining Check – i.e., Ultrasound Results

This morning we had our ultrasound to check the lining, one week from today is our FET (doing two again, our 6th & 7th blastocysts from this batch). My RE has been almost completely apathetic about thyroid being a factor even though he knows I’m very hypothyroid and have never got my levels down to where they should be, and only does tests if *I* ask for them…so I rely wholly on my ND for recommendations. And as predicted, when I showed him my results and asked about the antibodies, he basically said that stuff doesn’t mean anything and the only thing to worry about was TSH and free T4. Whatever. I emailed my LAc and she laughed. Can’t convince ’em no matter what studies are out there. But he DID say that prednisone is the only thing that can get rid of those antibodies so I’m still planning that come hell or high water (5 days, 10 mg 2X per day, pre-transfer).

Anyhoo, my lining looks better than it ever has! I’m at 8.5mm which is a full 1mm ahead of what it’s always been before the other 4 transfers, so that made me happy. I gotta say though, walking back in there for the first time since our miscarriage? I had my fucking blinders on. You see, in this office they do transfers every other month so during transfer time, the waiting area is always packed. Terrible, all I could think of about all the others there? “Amateurs”. Which is so shitty to think because I don’t know their cases at all!! Talk about self pity on my part, I know, but I’m damn tired of going in there y’all.

One nice small thing I learned is that progesterone pills/inserts ARE covered by insurance. PIO shots, which he is requiring through transfer day, are $60/week, but a bottle of progesterone supps, messy as those bastards are, are just $10. Gotta love that I had to ASK them to write a scrip – they wanted to sell them to me from the office but didn’t want to bill insurance, so they sent me over to a pharmacy to get them – but whatever, glad I made the drive. Gee woulda been nice to have known that the first FOUR cycles that I’d been paying $60/week for shots…


We did an hour sit-down with our therapist to talk about everything as we prepare for next week, including deep stuff about our relationship, preparing to be parents, taking care of each other when/if it does happen, all that good stuff. I so very much adore my sweetheart and my therapist – what a happy triangle to sit in today!

And husband and I had Cuban food afterwards, mmm….

So that’s where we are one week before transfer. Getting the lining nice ‘n’ thick, transferring next week, and trying like hell to get this thyroid shit fixed up nice so that it cannot possibly interfere with what we’ve been trying to do for so damn long. This infographic below I found was pretty awesome at describing in real terms how the gland works and relates to everything else. Kinda rad.

Now, time to think about other things!



8 thoughts on “My F*cking Thyroid

  1. Reading this stressed me out. This whole process is such an emotional mind f***. Fingers crossed this is the last transfer you need to do. I miss the days when I was also an amateur and I’m slightly jealous of their naivete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks…yeah the mindfuck that is my thyroid just kills me knowing that perhaps this all would have worked the first time if I’d gotten my thyroid under 2.5 beforehand and taken prednisone the first time. Hindsight’s 20/20. But gotta keep the chin up for these next 2 weeks with the transfer and 8 day results wait…oy! 🙂


  2. Oh it is all so complicated! And stressful! Great lining results though. Why did you have to ask for the prednisilone? I have been prescribed this every time and take it from when I start taking all the drugs to build my lining, I thought it was maybe standard for all but maybe not. The whole thyroid thing is so confusing, well for me it seems that way. I told you Doctor has added thyroxine to my protocol, I have not been able to speak to him about my ‘numbers’ yet but the nurse tells me they are ‘normal’ ( my Dr will talk to me at my Pipelle scratch) and he has seen research to say Thyroxine helps with implantation. Anyway I am glad you got to speak to your therapist, sounds as though it was massively beneficial. Wishing you luck for the next week in the run up to transfer.


    1. Every doc is different, which is I think why this is so frustrating…from the forums I’ve read, there are a lot who don’t believe in using prednisolone. I only actually learned about it through online blog posts and forums…sadly, same as how I learned about PGS – after my embryos had been frozen, which was then too late. Needless to say I was pissed. That’s the thing – there is no standard out there. Even for those taking prednisolone, some only want it taken for the 5 days pre-transfer, some only want it through the pregnancy test, and still others recommend it through the first trimester! (How long does yours say to take it for?) From what I can tell, some docs think it can harm the fetus which is why they limit its use.

      Thanks for all your support!! Right back atcha!


      1. He has me take prednisolone from when I start estrogen etc until I know the outcome, I think they then wean you off if you are pregnant….not got that far yet! I think we have to read up and have to make suggestions and question them right!


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